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April 19, 2023

Why working with Customer Relationship (CR) can be a challenging and exciting experience

Bárbara Amaral
Customer Experience Analyst
Customer Experience Analyst at Sensedia
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It is essential to understand that customer delight is one of the main objectives of a company. Satisfied and happy people are more likely to become loyal and recommend the brand to others. On the other hand, with dissatisfaction, there is a risk of damaging the company's reputation and, consequently, affecting its results.

In order to delight potential consumers of your product or service, it is necessary to implement several strategies, such as personalized service and develop a follow-up focused on the solutions they need and, in this way, positively surprising them.

The “95-5 Rule” describes how well the buying environment works, showing that only 5% of potential buyers are ready to buy today, while the other 95% do not yet have a need to purchase the product or service.

Therefore, it is important to invest in relationship and brand recognition to ensure long-term financial results.

How to Attract, Keep, and Delight Customers

To delight customers, you need to know the company's target audience well, know what their needs and desires are, and offer personalized and efficient service. It is also important to invest in relationship management tools to maintain a service history and provide more effective support.

There are a few ways to start a relationship with customers. It is possible to start indirectly, from personal aspects such as a birthday and job changes, for example, or in corporate ways.

In this more business sense, one of our actions, here at Sensedia, is to focus on special training, set up for each client, in a unique way, in which we make a point of involving the entire company, making the experience more personal and special.

Building relevant memories for the brand is essential to make it stand out among others and awaken connections capable of being activated in future opportunities.

The importance of Customer Relationship for the business

The impact of a company on people's lives is notorious. After all, when having a satisfactory experience, the tendency is to continue relating to the brand, recommending it to friends and family and even defending the company in crisis situations.

In addition, a good relationship can be a great competitive advantage, as service quality is often as important as the product or service offered.

Investing in CR can be a way to stand out from the competition, retain people and obtain positive results. Therefore, the Customer Relationship area is extremely important for any company that wants to succeed in business.

Sensedia is a company that stands out in this matter, after all, the focus is not on doing business, but on creating partnerships and bonds. In this way, it is possible to help our customers transform their digital strategies through API integrations, with expertise and enchantment.

Thinking about actions and strategies that positively delight and surprise people is a daily challenge. Even so, the smile on everyone's face at the end of deliveries makes all the effort worthwhile.

I am very happy to be part of this team and to be able to create experiences that make a difference in people's lives and daily routine.

Thank you, Sensedia, for allowing me to create these memories!

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