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Sensedia SPIN
Partnership Program

Some big tech companies started in garages; we started in a van!

In 2007 Sensedia was created with a very clear objective in mind: to support enterprises into becoming more digital, connected and open. Everything the company had to start its journey could fit inside a van.

In fact, at that time, this was exactly the vehicle used to transport the equipment to our first office. Therefore, this is the symbol we carry to this day, being displayed right at the entrance of our headquarters.

Ever since, innovative companies trust Sensedia to simplify connections between systems, unlock data and accelerate innovation via ecosystems, through a robust technology platform and expertise in APIs and Microservices.

If your company’s mission connects with ours, come join our ecosystem towards our global expansion to provide, together, our customers with all the innovation and security they need to build an increasingly digital, connected and open world.

Our Principles

Our partnership program is based on 4 principles that guide theentire journey with our partners, being   applied in all ourinteractions, so that all participants can extract the maximumvalue from jointly serving our customers.


Clear and simple rules, in a model where success metrics for everyone are easily calculated. No asterisks or fine print rules.


From the beginning of the joint journey, we have full clarity of the earning potential.


Sensedia is recognised globally as a leader in the Forrester Wave (Q3/2022) as the best product strategy for API Management suites.

N.ew Business

We aim for Sensedia to represent a significant new source of business for all our partners.

Sensedia SPIN Categories

Our global SPIN partnership program comprises the entire ecosystem of innovation that the Sensedia platform provides to our customers, covering different types of partners, from largeglobal partners, ISVs, VARs, service providers, platform providers,   companies with complementary technology offerings. and also built on our platform. Anyway, we have a speciallook at each type of partner and their needs. Be a Sensedia SPIN partner!

Honouring our tradition and in the best Sensedier spirit, all categories of the Sensedia SPIN program are represented by different colour vans.

Strategic Partners


Large technology companies, consulting, cloud providers, etc... with global operations.

Services Partners


Partners with high technical expertise and in-depth knowledge of Sensedia technology, implementing, customising or developing the Sensedia platform for our customers

Technology Partners


Developers of technological solutions created from the Sensedia platform, and may also offer complementary products or technologies to Sensedia offers.

Sales Partners


Business partners with referral capacity (Finders) or influence capacity (Influencers).

Sales Partners


Business partners with commercial and pre-sales capacity, fulfilling the entire commercial cycle together with the Sensedia Team.

Sales Partners


Business partners with commercial capability, pre-sales and implementation services, offering a complete experience to Sensedia customers with our support throughout the commercial and usage cycle of the Sensedia platform.

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Our Joint Opportunity

Being a Sensedia Spin partner is a great business opportunity for you and your company. With clear and transparent rules, you are sure to be able to serve a wide range of customerswith their API-based integration, modernisation and development needs. Partner with the most visionary company in APIS platform according to the Forrester Wave (Q3/2022).


All rules delimited from the beginning, no small print or conditions that prevent maximum gain from partners.

Joint earnings.

Our partners work together with us, so it isonly natural that the gains are shared throughout the period of service to our customers.

Aligned with your business

The criteria for fitting into the different categories are clear and you decide in which category you want to work with us. And of course, there are new possibilities with each cycle renewal

With purpose

We are sure that aligning your company's purpose with ours, which is to build an increasingly digital, connected and open world, greatly adds to the future possibilities of your company and employees

Become a Sensedia Partner