Harness the power of Sensedia’s ecosystem

Our partnership program aligns companies that enhance and complement our portfolio, enabling our customers and other third party providers access to highly specialized services and solutions throughout their journey with Sensedia.

Our symbol

Some companies start in garages, we started in a Kombi

When we started our journey, every belonging of the company was packed tightly inside a Kombi. It was this very vehicle that we relied on to transport our equipment to our first office. That's why the Kombi holds such profound symbolism for Sensedia, and is proudly displayed at the entrance of our headquarters to this day.

Sensedia SPIN
Sensedia SPIN

Our core values for global partnerships

We have created a format that allows all our partners to extract the maximum value from the joint servicing of our clients. It is a program with very simple and transparent rules, focused on innovation and the generation of new business models for all players in our ecosystem.


Unlock your growth potential with Sensedia

Starting your partnership with Sensedia enables you to open up new revenue streams and join an innovation-driven ecosystem with industry leaders as your peers. We can help you generate abundant growth opportunities for your business.

Sensedia Office
Partner Categories

Find the perfect fit for your needs

Sensedia SPIN represents a comprehensive innovation ecosystem powered by our API Management solution, encompassing a diverse range of categories. These include global partners, ISVs, VARs, IT consultancies, Cloud solution providers (SaaS, IaaS, PaaS), software development, and solutions built on our platform. To honor our rich history, each program category is represented by a version of Sensedia's iconic symbol, the Kombi.


Public Sector Partners

Business partners with reference/influence, pre-sales, and commercial capacity, working with public sector clients, at the federal, state, and municipal levels.


Service Partners

Deep expertise of Sensedia technology, adept at implementing, customizing, or developing our platform for our clients.


Technology Partners

Tech developers leveraging our platform and solutions, providing complementary products or technologies to enhance Sensedia's offerings.


Sales Partners

Referral capability (Finders) or influential capacity (Influencers).


Sales Partners

Sales and pre-sales expertise, partnering with Sensedia to fulfill the entire sales cycle.


Sales Partners

Partnering with our support and sales teams in commercial, pre-sales capabilities and implementation services. Ensuring an end-to-end customer experience for Sensedia clients throughout the entire customer lifecycle.


Why become a Sensedia partner?


All rules are clearly defined at the start, no asterisks or conditions that can hinder partners from maximizing their gains.

Mutual Gains

As partners, collaborating leads to shared gains across the entire customer journey.

Business Scalability

Work together to identify the most suitable category for our businesses to thrive.

Shared Purpose

At the heart of our business lies the mission to build a digitally connected and open world, a mission that directly influences our business model.

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Enable a more agile, scalable, and integrated architecture

Accelerate your digital initiatives through streamlined APIs, microservices, and Integrations, fueling your business with unparalleled efficiency