Expert Services

Accelerate your API strategy with our team of experts

Optimize every stage of your API and microservices strategy with expert guidance that combines innovative potential with the technical capabilities of your business, enabling the successful execution of your initiatives.

Ignite your API strategy

Assess your existing architecture and leverage the expertise of our professionals to design and execute your API strategy with solutions that fit your business needs.

Playbooks for APIs, microservices, and Integrations

Streamline your API strategy with our playbooks, leveraging Sensedia's 15+ years of expertise in specialized services, enabling you to act with precision, save time, money, and effort.

API-First culture

Foster an API-First mindset in your company with our support, highlighting the transformative power of internal and external integrations, while driving employee engagement.

Phase 1

Our approach to strategy

Understanding the context of your business, pain points, and strategic objectives is essential for a structured and organized kick-off. By conducting a comprehensive and detailed analysis, we can establish a roadmap that combines predictability and efficiency.

  • API and microservices maturity assessment.
  • Executive-level workshop sessions.
  • Training and certifications.
  • Defining API strategy & roadmaps.
Phase 2

Our ignition process and approach

We conduct fast tests that yield measurable results and feedback, allowing us to focus on continuous improvement. This approach offers a comprehensive overview of the current architecture and helps establish the groundwork for successful implementations.

  • API Design and Security Cookbook.
  • API Jumpstart Skills.
  • Setting up API Platform and Developer Portal.
  • Running the First API.
Phase 3

Our approach to scalability

Preparing your business for rapid growth is vital, as seizing opportunities in planned scenarios as well as in response to unexpected call volume surges is the key to achieving business results.

  • Leveraging legacy assets and middleware integration.
  • Knowledge transfer and API certification.
  • Designing and building RESTful or GraphQL APIs.
  • Microservices and Service Mesh.
Phase 4

Our approach to operations

To ensure the flawless execution of your digital strategy and achieve the expected results, we constantly monitor the performance and health of your APIs and microservices, pushing for continuous maintenance and operations.

  • 24/7 premium support for the API Platform.
  • Developer Experience and Developer Portal.
  • API monitoring and business intelligence.
  • Proactive customer service.
More services

Explore our complete portfolio of services

Customer Success

Ensure success by leveraging the support of our top-notch Customer Success (CS) team, which is dedicated to helping you reach your goals through proactive support and strategic guidance.

Developer Experience

Offer premium support to your API consumers through our expert team and our custom developer portal, providing an exceptional developer experience.

API Care

Enjoy peace of mind with 24/7 active monitoring of your APIs and microservices, ensuring optimal performance and health.

Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our Expert Services.

What is the role of Sensedia's consultancy?

Sensedia offers its clients specialized professional services to help them implement their digital strategies using Sensedia's products in APIs, events, microservices, iPaaS, and other areas. 

These consultancy services range from the assistance in defining an adoption strategy to the implementation and evolution of APIs, microservices, and other architectural integration components.

What makes Sensedia's consultancy special?

Our consultancy employs clear-cut processes, supported by extensively tested playbooks accumulated from hundreds of client engagements, compiling industry knowledge and best-practices. Additionally, the consultants undergo continuous training by Sensedia, ensuring full proficiency in the products, their evolution, as well as relevant technologies and practices.

How can Sensedia's consultancy help me leverage my API and microservices program?

Sensedia has a proprietary reference and maturity model for APIs and microservices that helps evaluate the current state of your technology landscape. Using this model, Sensedia can accurately assess the next steps in architectural evolution, enabling an organized progression towards advanced levels of technology adoption supported by Sensedia's comprehensive products, including APIs, microservices, iPaaS, and more.

Why do I need an API strategy?

APIs are nothing more than integration interfaces between systems or components within systems. However, when organizations expose APIs for partner consumption to build a platform, they open up their interfaces to a wide range of potential business partnerships and offerings.

In this context, there are several key issues that require strategic attention. How can businesses quickly engage with partners? How can API consumption be monetized? Which customer journeys or experiences should the APIs support? How do these APIs align with the organization's business strategy? These are just a few of the many considerations when defining an API strategy.

To ensure the efficiency and value of your API program, Sensedia offers a comprehensive strategic consultancy service. We assess and analyze your current situation, define a tailored roadmap, and through our team of experts,  we execute the strategy, delivering the necessary value to your business.

Does Sensedia support me in the operation of integrations and microservices?

Sensedia provides clients with solutions to support their operational needs. For proactive management of critical APIs, we offer the API Care service. Furthermore, our consultants are equipped to assist clients in every phase and requirement of operating APIs, microservices, and complex data flows.

How does Sensedia assist me in adopting an architecture of APIs, microservices, and data?

Our clients gain a significant advantage in adopting technologies with confidence. This confidence stems from the help and expertise provided by our highly skilled professionals. They ensure that your technology implementations are aligned with the latest industry standards and best practices. Our consultancy plays a crucial role in accelerating innovation by enhancing productivity. Clients can expect to see improvements in their operational efficiency, agility, and overall performance, allowing them to stay ahead of the competition and drive business growth and innovation within their respective industries.

Does Sensedia’s consultancy provide support for modernizing my legacy architecture?

Sensedia's consultancy assists with legacy modernization in two ways:

  • By upgrading your legacy architecture to a microservices-based architecture, typically with the goal of improving resilience, scalability, and agility for improved flexibility.

  • In situations when complete architecture migration is not necessary, our consultancy helps build APIs that enable seamless integration with legacy interfaces, allowing for the rapid exposure of their services for consumption within the ecosystem.

What advantages does Sensedia's consultancy offer?

When you hire Sensedia's consultancy services, you unlock a wealth of specialized knowledge and support that seamlessly complements your technology utilization and implementation efforts. The primary advantage lies in the confidence you gain from adopting technologies with the assistance of our highly skilled professionals, who provide a white glove service and guide your teams in following industry best practices. Additionally, we accelerate innovation by rapidly increasing our clients' productive capacity within a short timeframe, driving business growth and overall success.

Guarantee the success of your Integration Strategies

Partnering with Sensedia's technology and business consulting guarantees that you unlock the full potential of your APIs and microservices, 24/7.