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Sensedia is a leader in multi-layer integrations. APIs, microservices, Events - our enterprise solutions are trusted globally. We help businesses unlock data, innovate customer experiences, and embrace new business models, like ecosystems or Open Finance. We help power your business through agile integrations, removing bottlenecks.

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Our Kombi drives people and businesses forward with purpose

Sensedia’s network of collaborators, partners, and clients recognize the importance of a digital, interconnected, and open world. Together, we forge synergistic growth through our cutting-edge integration services and platform.

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Our story

Historic milestones

Our Beginning

Our journey starts in Campinas (São Paulo, Brazil), as a company specializing in Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) solutions.

API Management Platform

We launched our API Management Platform to the market, we established Sensedia as a reference in the realm of APIs.

Introduction of APIX

The inaugural APIX event, which has evolved to become one of the world's largest gatherings focused on integration strategies and APIs.

Global Expansion

We secured a USD 21 million investment led by Riverwood Capital, expanding our reach and operations to the United States and the rest of Latin America.

Global API Management Leader

Sensedia proudly emerges as a Leader in the report "The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022", receiving industry recognition.

Trusted by leading companies for our secure and reliable solutions

Our symbol

Some companies start in garages, we started in a Kombi

When we started our journey, every belonging of the company was packed tightly inside a Kombi. It was this very vehicle that we relied on to transport our equipment to our first office. That's why the Kombi holds such profound symbolism for Sensedia, and is proudly displayed at the entrance of our headquarters to this day.


Our Leadership

Meet the professionals who are at the forefront of our initiatives

Kleber Bacili Photo
Kleber Bacili
Co-founder & CEO
Marcilio Oliveira Photo
Marcilio Oliveira
Co-founder & Chief of Growth
Jonatas Cruz Photo
Jonatas Cruz
Lisa Arthur Photo
Lisa Arthur
US Director & CMO
Fabio Luiz Rosato Photo
Fabio Luiz Rosato
Director of Consulting
Alexandre Gomes Photo
Alexandre Gomes
Director LATAM
Rafael Flexa Photo
Rafael Flexa
Director of Sales
Carlos Sobral Photo
Carlos Sobral
Director of Product & Engineering
Rafael Rocha Photo
Rafael Rocha
Head of Solutions
Antonio Fortes Photo
Antonio Fortes
Head of Sales
Bruna Bertoli Photo
Bruna Bertoli
Head of Customer Success
Juan Sanchez Photo
Juan Sanchez
Head of Finance & Administration
Felipe Tagliapietra Photo
Felipe Tagliapietra
Head of Consulting
Rafael Costa Photo
Rafael Costa
Head of IT & Consulting
Natalia Cruz Photo
Natalia Cruz
Head of Open Finance
José Vahl Photo
José Vahl
Head of Support & Operations
Lucas Tempestini Photo
Lucas Tempestini
Head of Marketing
Ricardo Cedran Photo
Ricardo Cedran
Head of Growth - us
Gibson Nascimento Photo
Gibson Nascimento
Head of Customer Success - US
Gibson Nascimento Photo
Philippi Pereira
Head of Customer Support
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