API Management Platform

Manage the complete lifecycle of your APIs

Manage the full lifecycle of your APIs and accelerate your integration strategies using a powerful tool that simplifies API design, exposure, and monitoring.

Achieve faster deliveries and quicker time to market

Design and publish APIs to enhance your team's productivity and accelerate application development using our drag-and-drop functionality and low-code interface.

Strengthen the security and governance of your APIs

Set the appropriate levels of governance and security for each of your APIs, regardless of their exposure model (public, restricted, or internal) safeguarding your business and improving visibility among stakeholders.

Unlock an agile and more flexible development experience

Benefit from a solution tailored for your architecture, with the flexibility to be managed by either your team or our experts, ensuring a better developer experience and optimal business results.


Simplifying integrations to focus on client innovation

Real-life success stories demonstrating the practical application of our solutions.


Gain technical and business insights by monitoring your APIs

Utilize our dashboard to monitor all your APIs, enabling you to view developer engagement, real-time traffic, latency, detailed tracing information, and errors.

Efficiency and Scalability

Meet growing demands with our adaptable solutions

Built for resilience, our platform supports your project from day one and scales effortlessly as your business grows. Efficiently manage demand spikes, ensuring exceptional availability and performance with our adaptable and comprehensive solution that caters to your evolving needs.

Total Flexibility

Quickly and easily adapt and personalize API requests and responses

Personalize API interactions without requiring updates to the client's back-end, enabling customized interactions for a tailored experience with zero complications.

Developer Portal

Accelerate integrations with our Developer Portal

Benefit from Sensedia’s comprehensive developer portal, featuring centralized Swagger file documentation, a blog, discussion forum, multilingual support, and customization options. Seamlessly integrate it with our API Management Platform to maintain full control over your teams responsible for designing and managing innovative apps.

The perfect fit for your business

Implement your customized API strategy with confidence using Sensedia's API Management Platform, a leading benchmark tool in the global market.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about our API Management platform.

What is an API Management Platform?

It's a solution that offers centralized control, monitoring, and management of APIs, enhancing collaboration among developers. It empowers them to create, analyze, operate, and scale APIs securely, thereby ensuring application security and performance.

Is the platform a low-code solution?

Yes, it offers features and tools that simplify the process of designing and developing APIs, allowing you to create, manage, and expose APIs more quickly and efficiently. This makes API development more accessible and accelerates solution delivery.

How does the platform help ensure the security of my APIs?

Our solution includes various security features, such as protection against XML and JSON threats, JWT token security, prevention against XSS and SQL injections, and compliance with the PCI-DSS standard. These provide a robust layer of protection.

Does the platform allow for creating monetization policies for my APIs?

Yes, it is possible to set usage limits and configure rules to halt requests that exceed those limits. This way, you can monetize the usage of your APIs according to your needs.

Are multiple users sharing the platform?

While some aspects of our platform are shared, the runtime section is entirely devoted to you.

Does the platform offer auto-scaling functionality?

Absolutely, our platform is equipped with auto-scaling resources and resilience mechanisms.

What is the maximum number of routes that can be configured?

Each gateway pool can be configured with a maximum of 10,000 routes.

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