we hear you

Ombudsman Channel

At Sensedia, placing people at the center of our actions is a non-negotiable core value. This applies not only to our collaborators but also extends to non-collaborators.

We firmly believe that this level of care enables us to develop the finest professionals and deliver top-notch solutions. By doing so, we build a team of specialists who are dedicated to excellence. This commitment to excellence is deeply ingrained in our culture and is experienced by everyone associated with Sensedia.

Introducing our "We Hear You" ombudsman channel—a platform for all individuals at the center of our actions. Share your feedback, concerns, and suggestions, as we strive for transparency and excellence in our products and services. Your voice matters to us!

"We Hear You" is your platform for engaging with us. Whether you have questions, ideas, concerns, suggestions, complaints, need error corrections, or want to report misconduct violating our Code of Conduct, Sensedia's policies, laws, or regulations, this online tool facilitates secure communication. It's available in Portuguese, English, and Spanish versions to cater to your needs.

When filing a complaint, you have the option to remain anonymous or identify yourself. Even if you choose anonymity, you will have the ability to track the progress and outcome of your complaint. Please note that the findings of the investigation and any measures taken to address the issue may be kept confidential at Sensedia's discretion.

But rest assured that the privacy and confidentiality of everyone involved in the process will be respected and the process will be conducted by Sensedia's Compliance team, with support from the Company's Ethics and Culture Committee.


Code of Ethics and Conduct

At Sensedia, being #awesomepeople goes beyond just a hashtag. It is the way we engage with the world, our colleagues, projects, clients, and partners. It means working with unwavering dedication, respect, responsibility, honesty, and a commitment to sustainability. We strive to embody these values in everything we do, fostering a positive and impactful environment.

Our Code of Ethics and Conduct represents the commitment of Sensedia and all its employees to ensure a respectful, healthy, and sustainable working environment.