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Combine APIs, Microservices, Service-Mesh and Event-driven Architecture to modernise your Integration Strategy

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Modern Integration Platform

A powerful API Management platform gives companies the agile, modern and integrated architecture they need to deliver faster digital experiences, consolidate and monitor digital channels and boost partner ecosystems

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Event-driven architecture


Customer stories


Natura is a global personal care cosmetics group, with more than US$10 billion revenue (2018). CTO, Luciano Abrantes explains how APIs enhanced its digital experiences, helping the company grow its sales channels and connect with independent distributors, its primary sales force.

Cielo LIO

Rafael Silveira, Product Specialist at Cielo, tells in this video how APIs enabled the Cielo LIO, a digital platform that connects partners and developers for new solutions for all kinds of business.


Brazilian pharmacy chain, Panvel, is a major player in the south and part of Dimed Group. Dimed Group CIO, Alexandre Arnold, outlines how it was one of the first to embrace APIs, using them to connect stores to mobile apps, giving customers a better digital experience.


SulAmérica is one of Brazil’s largest insurance companies, founded 100 years ago. Former Digital Strategy Head, Cristiano Barbieri, discusses how APIs digitally transform a business by promoting corporate innovation, delivering new products and services, and implementing greater agility

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