Enabling a digital, interconnected, and open world

Our commitment to driving transformation within our partner and client ecosystem is reflected in our internal values. That's why we consistently strive to deliver an extraordinary journey to all Sensediers.

What drives us

Be a protagonist in this journey

At Sensedia, we live by five hashtags that embody our purpose and influence our actions on a daily basis. These hashtags serve as constant reminders that we have the capacity to lead and to bring about positive change in any situation.

#ThinkBig: have the courage to take risks and persist.

#AwesomePeople: inspire through actions and achievements.

#DoEpicShit: find solutions rather than resort to complaining.

#Solve4TheCustomer: customer satisfaction is our top priority.

#Ownership: make things happen, and take ownership of tasks.

Vibrant Culture

Experience a diverse, inclusive, authentic, and innovative environment

At Sensedia, working means having the courage to go above and beyond, thinking and acting unconventionally. We believe in asking for forgiveness instead of asking for permission. Our team members are incredible, and you can be a part of it all.

We are constantly open to transformation, to reinvent ourselves.

Innovation thrives in diverse and inclusive environments.

We embrace diversity and firmly oppose intolerance and discrimination.

Your place is here


Sensediers are spread across every corner of the world! Wherever you are, stepping into our Kombi sets you on a great transformation journey, paving the way for a more digital, connected, and open world.

Our value proposition is #WorkWhereYouBelong - flexible working model that promotes and enhances the sense of belonging among Sensediers. Work where you truly belong because physical barriers are just a small part of our daily life, and our feeling is that Sensedia is a unified entity.

Our aim is to be increasingly inclusive and global, empowering more people to play a leading role in this unique ecosystem.

Our Initiatives

Sensedia Academy

Our corporate university


In-house talent acquisition program


Providing everything you need for your personal and professional growth

Home Office

Live by #WorkWhereYouBelong

Citizen company

Extended maternity and paternity leave


Employee referral program

Come along for the ride on our Kombi!

Being a part of a company that is digitally-driven, connected, and open will revolutionize your career.