Developer Experience Service

Personalize your ecosystem and integration management

Streamline onboarding, scale API adoption, and enhance the developer experience with the help of our expert team specialized in driving continuous improvement and user engagement across all stages.

Customizable Developer Portal

Create a Developer Portal that delivers a seamless and frictionless self-service experience to users, featuring live updates to documentation, business process information, and an exceptional design and UX.

API as a Product

Understand how to design and publish your APIs as products. They go beyond delivery channels and are integral to your business. APIs are the evolving force shaping your business landscape.

Dedicated team of experts

Count on the support of experienced professionals specializing in ecosystem management, community communication strategies, insights, hackathons, and more, to enhance your partnership strategy, API adoption, and integrations.

Constant improvement

Continuously optimize your APIs and processes

The market demands agility. Avoid falling behind the competition and swiftly validate your business models with an accelerated time-to-market, relying on top-notch solutions is crucial in this environment.

  • Accelerate and scale partner onboarding.
  • Proactive support and detailed reports on API usage, trends, and recommended actions.
  • Continuously manage and update information on the developer portal.
Developer Portal

Discover the advantages of our customizable format

Beyond simply providing your APIs for internal or external consumption, you should prioritize the developer experience of those who will adopt them by facilitating integrations and offering features to streamline their processes.

  • Interactive documentation.
  • Sandbox testing.
  • Access tokens management.
  • Traceability.
  • SDKs.
  • Support channels.

Save resources for your teams and focus on your core business

With Sensedia's Developer Experience (DX) support, you can free up your developer teams for business-related initiatives, reducing time and effort wasted on API tracking and management.

  • Monitoring API and back-end health.
  • Documentation maintenance and updates.
  • Support for scaling during seasonal periods.
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Frequently asked questions

Find answers to the most common questions about our Developer Experience Services.

Developer Experience, what is it?

The Developer Experience (DX) team is dedicated to assisting in improving the availability of documentation on the Dev Portal, engaging in direct communication with developers and partners, and providing closer monitoring of API usage, improving usability.

The DX team's objective is to assist with and support API integrations, whether internal or external.

What advantages does the Developer Experience offer?

Developer Experience supports the enhanced API experience and consumption. One of the main advantages for clients working with this team is the personalized support they receive, with a focus on optimizing API requests to ensure application success and utilization. The team is considered an extension of the client, offering assistance not only with API-related matters but also with processes and strategies throughout the project. 

Why is it important to have a Developer Portal?

The portal is a specialized tool with the purpose of sharing and distributing the required documentation for API usage. It serves as an exclusive and qualified channel for creating and managing access keys to the available environments. A Dev Portal enables developers to access information through standards set by your Sensedia Portal and allows for the creation of additional pages that add value to the APIs and enhance support for developers.

What benefits does Advanced UX offer for my Developer Portal?

This UX team brings a wealth of resources and expertise in delivering an optimal experience for partners. They offer specific customizations to the Dev Portal to cater to your specific needs or requirements. Also, they can provide visual prototypes and ongoing support for the seamless integration of new documentation.

What is the organizational structure of Developer Experience teams?

The Developer Experience squad is currently divided into three verticals:

  • DX Support provides developer assistance to ensure successful and high-quality API usage, including onboarding guidance throughout the developer's journey to API consumption. 
  • Advanced UX is responsible for Portal maintenance, visual identity prototyping, usability improvements, and client training. 
  • Portal Innovation provides support to the Development Portals in collaboration with the Advanced UX team, focusing on security enhancements and developing new PHP features/modules within the Drupal CMS. 

The team is designed to be self-scalable across all verticals, meaning that we can allocate additional resources based on the volumes and demands received.

Unleash the potential of your APIs

Our Developer Experience services enable you to power your internal or external integrations by offering premium support and an exceptional developer experience.