1. Introduction

This Cookie Policy applies to Sensedia S/A (“We”) websites and and aims to provide an even more transparent experience on our websites, explaining the concept of Cookies, how we use them to improve your browsing and, also, the possibilities of customizing the use.If you do not agree with the use of Cookies in the manner presented, you can: (i) adjust the settings of your internet browser to prevent the use of Cookies or (ii) not access the websites.We remind you that disabling the use of Cookies may impact your experience when browsing the websites.We also recommend reading our Privacy Policy, in which we bring you more information about our commitment to your privacy and the protection of your personal data.

2. What are cookies?

Cookies are small digital files in text format that are stored on your device (computer, smartphone, tablet, etc.) by the internet browser and that store information related to your preferences, such as preferred language, location, recurrence of your sessions, and other variables that developers consider relevant to make your experience much more efficient.

3. What are cookies for?

Cookies serve to improve your experience, both in terms of performance and in terms of usability, since the content available will be directed to your needs and expectations.They can also be used to compile anonymous and aggregated statistics that allow you to understand how you use the websites, as well as to improve their structures and content. As they are anonymous statistics, it is not possible to personally identify them using this data.The use of Cookies is very common on any digital platform today. Their use in no way affects the devices on which they are stored.

4. What kind of cookies we use?

We use our own and third-party Cookies on the website, which can be classified according to their timing:

Session Cookies – are temporary cookies that remain on file until you leave the website or close the browser..

Persistent Cookies – are the Cookies that are stored on your device until they are deleted (the time that the Cookie will remain on the device depends on its “lifetime” and the settings of your internet browser).

Cookies - Session or Persistent - can still be categorized according to their function:

Strictly Necessary Cookies – allow the navigation and use of applications, as well as access to secure areas of the website. Without these Cookies, the website will not function properly.

Analytical Cookies – collect anonymous statistical data for the purpose of analyzing the use of the website and its respective performance.

Functionality Cookies – are used to ensure the availability of additional features of the website or to keep preferences set by the user when browsing the internet, whenever using the same device.

Advertising Cookies – collect information about your visit on our website so that the advertisements on it are more relevant to you and according to your interests. If you disable these cookies, note that you will still see advertisements, but they will be customized to your preferences.

5. Is it possible to control or delete cookies?

In order for our websites to operate correctly, you must enable the use of Cookies. If you decide not to enable them, you can still browse the websites, but some features will not be available.Remembering that most internet browsers are configured to automatically accept cookies.You can change the settings to block the use of Cookies or alert you when a Cookie is being sent to your device. There are several ways to manage Cookies, see your browser instructions or the help section to learn more about how to adjust or change these settings.If you use different devices to access the websites, you must ensure that each browser, on each device, is adjusted to suit your preferences regarding Cookies.So that you can, in a simple and intuitive way, manage your preferences from your browser, you can use one of the links below:

● For more information on Cookie management in Firefox, click here;
● For more information on Cookie management in Chrome, click here;
● For more information on Cookie management in Internet Explorer, click here;
● For more information on Cookie management in Safari, click here;
● For more information on Cookie management in Opera, click here;
● For more information on Cookie management in Microsoft Edge, click here.

6. Detailed information about cookies

We present below the details about the use of Cookies on the websites, as well as their purposes: