Events Hub

Accelerate your Event-driven Architecture

Optimize the capture, processing, and analysis of events to enhance real-time responsiveness. Improve the scalability, responsiveness, and growth of your architecture while ensuring cost efficiency.

Quick Response Times

Effectively monitor and leverage significant events within your network by utilizing a unified view of event flow. Simplify your architecture by abstracting the complexity of management and connectivity.

Operational Flexibility

Minimize service coupling and enable flexible composition of event producers and consumers, providing the ability to modify processes with minimal disruption.

Continuous Monitoring

Ensure service continuity through insights into event flow and history, facilitating effective troubleshooting. Strengthen security measures, observability, and traffic control mechanisms to quickly identify and mitigate potential threats.

Forrester Wave

Leading the Way in API Management

We received industry recognition as a Leader in the global report The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022, receiving the highest scores in Product Vision, Planned Enhancements, Supporting Services, and Market Approach.


Deploy our solution across multiple scenarios

The Events Hub is compatible with event-driven architecture use cases, such as microservices, Event API, and event streaming. Additionally, it adheres to market standards, such as AsyncAPI and hybrid cloud.

Low-code Interface

Quickly configure and manage event distribution

Easily create and maintain a complex event distribution network, allowing publishers and subscribers to be registered and managed intuitively and independently.


Ensure event delivery to subscribers

Track the delivery status, automatic delivery retries, and, in case of failure, have the option for manual resend through the interface itself.


Apply security policies to all stages of event distribution

Ensure the security of the event distribution flow by easily defining policies to control publisher access and enable verification of request origins by subscribers.

Optimize your event-driven architecture

With our Events Hub, you harness the potential of your architecture and enhance the efficiency, visibility, and security of your operations.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about our Events Hub

Does Events Hub guarantee event delivery?

Yes, it has confirmation mechanisms and flow control to ensure that events are delivered correctly to the recipients.

How long are undelivered events available for resending in case of failure?

Events remain available on the Delivery Retry screen for 7 days.

What security policies does Sensedia Events Hub apply for event publishing?

Sensedia Events Hub applies security policies for event publication through interceptors (following the nomenclature we use for policies in API Management). The available options are: Access Token Validation (to validate access tokens passed in requests), Client ID Validation (to validate client IDs passed in requests), OAuth Validation (to validate access tokens and client IDs passed in request headers), JWT Validation (to validate JWT tokens passed in requests), and IP Filtering Validation (to define lists of IPs that are allowed or not allowed to send requests). These measures ensure that only authorized users can publish events and protect the transmitted data during the process. For more information, click here.

What security policies does Sensedia Events Hub apply for event subscription?

Similar to event publication, Sensedia Events Hub applies security policies for event subscription. In the Sensedia Events Hub, all requests sent to event subscribers are signed by a mechanism that ensures message authenticity. This signature is a token generated by Events Hub itself based on a shared secret key between Events Hub and the subscriber. This key is sent during the subscriber registration process. Additionally, the message sent to subscribers can be encrypted to ensure the security of potentially sensitive data. 

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Is Events Hub scalable?

Yes, Sensedia Events Hub has been designed to be highly scalable. It can handle large volumes of events and can adapt to the growing needs of your company as it evolves.

On what event delivery model is Events Hub based?

Sensedia Events Hub utilizes the pub/sub (publish/subscribe) model, which enables asynchronous and distributed communication among components of a system. In this model, components can communicate without having direct knowledge of each other, providing a high level of decoupling and scalability. In the pub/sub model, there are two main entities. 

Publisher: responsible for publishing events or messages to a specific topic. The publisher is unaware of the subscribers who will receive the messages; it simply sends the messages to the Events Hub. 

Subscriber: subscribes to one or more topics of interest. It then receives the messages published to the topic(s) it is subscribed to, without needing to have direct knowledge of the publishers.

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