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Real customer’s stories

The top IT executives from leading companies in Brazil and worldwide share at APIX how APIs are accelerating their digital strategies and enabling them to gain insights and explore new business opportunities.

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Exclusive Content

APIX is one of the only API events in Brazil committed to featuring content from Americas, Europe and many other regions, allowing attendees to access real global trends.

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Introducing APIX

APIs are much more than architecture artifacts. They are crucial parts of digital strategies that place the client at the centre and create innovation ecosystems; the bridge that connects Business and Technology in multiple digital channels.

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Business and technical scope

One of our pillars is the discussion of strategies, and that’s why we need to combine the technical and business worlds under the same ecosystem.

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A new APIX is coming, the future is open!

Check out now our purpose.

Beyond geographical borders.

It is amazing to think that you can attend the 6th edition of APIX from anywhere in the world. The format has changed, but our goal remains the same: to share real stories that show, in detail, the challenges of placing technology at the core business of major corporations around the world. 

Access to top market professionals.

One of APIX's missions is to create spaces and opportunities for interaction. For us, the richness of sharing experiences is essential to connect the most engaged IT professionals in the market, operating as technology ambassadors in their companies.

Is it just another online event? No!

Not at all!
In addition to amazing content from outstanding speakers, APIX will also be filled with interactions that promise to make you feel like the event is happening right in your own home office.
We have a team specialised in creating memorable experiences that will make you laugh and interact in a laid-back and intuitive manner.

Our goal is to make sure you leave APIX bursting with ideas to implement projects that will give technology a leading role in your company’s growth journey.

Structure that Amazes.

APIX is hosted by Sensedia and brings, in its essence, the energy of each and every one of our collaborators.

Being a Sensedier means working with a gleam in your eyes, focusing on excellent results, without fear of innovation. After all, we’re used to living out of our comfort zone.

Trust us: it’s going to be great.

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Real customer’s stories

Throughout its five editions, APIX has provided a stage for companies such as Natura, Cielo, BBVA, Nubank, Uber, FitBit and SulAmérica.

And they all have something in common: they all use technology to connect their brands with their clients across different channels.

And what will you find in these stories shared at APIX?

Complete stories with a value proposition and full project details.
Natura explains in detail (learn more ) how it used digital initiatives to enhance its salesforce, digitising its sales routines to boost efficiency and revenues.

And that was only made possible by integrating all digital channels, with applications, websites and a digital platform that communicated fluidly and efficiently. It also explains how an individualised dashboard functionality allowed each salesperson to have better visibility of their sales and opportunities.

One of the most memorable moments of the event was the appearance of Randy Heffner, the world’s leading reference in APIs. Randy was the main Forrester API analyst for years, and the leading authority on the subject. Specialised in integration strategies, Application Architectures and how APIs drive innovation and digital businesses. Over the past thirty years and across several industry sectors, he has led solutions architects in the use of technology to amaze clients and constantly improve business results.

Other key milestones of the event were the launches of the first surveys that showed the use of APIs in Brazil and in Latin America. They were conducted over a period of two years alongside major partners such as IDG and PWC.

In these moments, participants had exclusive access to the early surveys, and received details of how companies were basing their strategies on APIs. These surveys conducted by Sensedia are still very relevant to the market today.

Exclusive and Relevant Content

Your Business as a Platform APIs for Digital Innovation

Randy Heffner - Forrester

Sensedia helps the leading companies in Brazil and worldwide in their digital transformation journeys. Leading API Management platform in Brazil, also offering Professional Services (strategy, design and operation of APIs).

APIX 2019 | Lessons learned from those who are boosting their digital strategy through APIs

APIX 2019 | API Strategies at Scale

APIX 2019 | Bancolombia Case: Open Banking and APIfication

Holistic perspective: technical and business topics

One of our pillars is the discussion of strategies, and that’s why we need to combine the technical and business worlds under the same ecosystem.

In all editions, we had lectures addressing both topics, ensuring a positive experience with all IT professionals seeking a wide range of subjects to assist them in their Journey.

In addition to technical lectures, we have an entire day dedicated to a hands-on workshop, where participants could build an application in real time using cutting-edge technologies in the market.

More than a thousand people have attended the workshops and have had this rich opportunity to share knowledge with different profiles, besides having Sensedia’s experts helping them build these solutions.

Learn more about the API Experience

The importance of APIX for the technological scenario in Brazil is immeasurable. The event gathers the biggest names in the industries both in Brazil and around the world, offering relevant content to the audience, among Executives, Managers and Developers, who seek more knowledge in modern digital strategies, and that enable more digital, connected and open businesses through APIs.


Brazil’s 1st event dedicated to the world of APIs

The first edition, held in 2015, transformed São Paulo into the world capital of APIs. The event welcomed 250 participants who learned more about the universe enabled by APIs.

The event also featured the most prominent professionals in the market, including Spotify, Twitter and Google, offering excellent insights related to this subject. Nowadays, these are tech giants whose growth journey was supported by digital strategies.


Every Business is a Digital Business

Following the success of the 2015 event, the 2016 API Experience brought even more content on strategies, business opportunities and technical challenges in APIs.

Under the API subject, we talked about the roles and benefits of API Economy and Business Models, Architecture and Microservices, API Definition and Design and, Documentation, showing how they can help companies stay ahead of the competition.

All of this involves cases studies and professionals from the main technology players, such as Google, Stelo, Globo Play and Magazine Luiza.


API strategies for Digital transformation

Already recognised as the largest API event in Brazil and the 2nd largest in the world, the 2017 APIX gathered over 600 professionals in the area, to discuss how APIs have opened doors and became a huge business ally for the companies.

Great speakers such as Natura, Cielo, BBVA, Uber and SulAmérica talked about the lessons learned and the challenges of creating a winning API strategy within IT departments.


Disruption with APIs

In a historical edition, with more than 900 participants and over 200 companies in attendance, the 2018 APIX brought the leaders of Digital Transformation, such as Elo, Netshoes, Embracon and Pagseguro, showcasing what made them exponent leaders in Brazil and worldwide.

We watched the first conversations about Open Banking, when regulation was still far from being a reality in Brazil or in any other country.


APIs driving business

In the 5th edition, we brought in the biggest national and international names to share trends in APIs, Microservices, Agile Architecture and Digital Transformation, such as Randy Heffner, Forrester analyst.

We had more than 1000 participants discussing the main issues of the connectivity era, in which people, companies and ecosystems are more and more connected, as well as their role within a Digital Ecosystem.
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Reginaldo Ribeiro Tostes

IT Manager at Algar Tech

“The event features highly relevant subjects and trends for our challenges. It is also an excellent environment to interact with other companies facing similar challenges”


Isaac Canaa

Fleury Group CIO

“A high quality event that addresses a subject that needs to be focused on more by companies seeking to become market leaders”


Andre Oliveira

IT specialist

“Updated information and sharing experiences put this event in my top 5 recommendations.”