API Adaptive Governance

Guarantee the flexibility and security of your applications

Ensure flexibility and security for your architecture through API Adaptive Governance mechanisms tailored to the specific needs of each API. Bring efficiency, organization, and visibility to your API strategy.

Easily manage your API catalog through a visual map

Simplify API management by visually mapping the complexity and impact of your APIs within your ecosystem, making it easy to assign value and priority to each API.

Optimize your API portfolio for better performance

Perform regular health checks on your APIs to ensure high levels of performance, minimizing the impact from the implementation of new, reused, or updated APIs.

Harness the power of adaptive and secure API governance

Set the appropriate levels of governance and security for each of your APIs, regardless of their exposure model (public, restricted, or internal) safeguarding your business and improving visibility among stakeholders.

Forrester Wave

Leading the Way in API Management

We received industry recognition as a Leader in the global report The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022, receiving the highest scores in Product Vision, Planned Enhancements, Supporting Services, and Market Approach.


Manage and Govern the Full Lifecycle of your APIs

Ensure total control over the API lifecycle and its maturity stages, enabling the creation of custom workflows and defining promotion criteria across stages.


API Reliability, Quality and Security

Strengthen security and ensure your APIs adhere to contract and design guidelines, with advanced features for authentication, authorization, obfuscation, and masking.

Best practices

Keep your APIs up to Market Standards

Enhance the experience of API consumers through detailed analysis of the quality of your contract, ensuring comprehensive documentation accessible to users.

Your API Adaptive Governance platform

Sensedia's Adaptive Governance solution enables you to enhance security and flexibility in accessing and managing your APIs, according to your strategy.

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Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about our API Adaptive Governance.

What is API Governance?

API governance is the set of processes, policies, and practices for managing and controlling APIs within an organization. It establishes guidelines and standards for API development, deployment, and consumption to ensure consistency, security, and scalability.

What does adaptive governance mean?

Adaptive governance is a flexible approach that adapts to changing circumstances and complex business models. Unlike traditional top-down, rigid governance models, adaptive governance emphasizes continuous improvement.

Which API Gateways are compatible with Sensedia Adaptive Governance?

Currently, with the Sensedia API Gateway. Sensedia Adaptive Governance provides a low-code interface with advanced features for adaptive API governance, adding to the native capabilities of the Sensedia API Platform.

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