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Bring tech-enabled insurance experiences to a new level

Update your legacy systems and bring agility to your operations. Improve the digital experience for brokers, policyholders, and partners, covering everything from quotes and estimates to policy issuance.

New Digital Channels, Chatbot, Mobile Apps
Core Banking Integrations
Agile Architecture & Legacy Modernization
IPaaS for Cloud, CRMs, Legady Data
Direct-to-bank Integrations & API Management
CFPB Compliance & Open Banking
Embedded Finance & Fintech Integrations
Banking and Financial Services with Sensedia
CFPB and Open Banking COMPLIANCE

Turn CFPB Regulation into innovation for banks, credit unions, and fintechs

Embrace the future of finance with Sensedia, driven by CFPB's commitment to establishing clear standards and best practices. With our deep expertise and successful track record in global Open Banking standards like PSD2, Brazil's Open Banking, and the FDX, Sensedia is your perfect partner to navigate open banking compliance. Leapfrog financial powerhouses with Sensedia by your side.

For Credit Unions

Accelerate open banking implementation and propel your business beyond compliance.

  • Build new and innovative digital banking experiences and services for your members.
  • Utilize Sensedia's low-code platform to connect core and legacy systems, CRMs, cloud services, banking apps, lending platforms, and accelerate the launch of financial products to your members.
  • Tackle legacy modernization from core banking to open banking enablement.
  • Easily partner with fintechs maintaining total control over your integrations.
  • Elevate API security and governance with Sensedia’s open banking-ready platform.
  • Improve developer experiences and accelerate third-party and partner onboarding processes.
For Regional Banks

Take full control of fintech partnerships to build open and interoperable ecosystems.

  • Use Sensedia’s low-code iPaaS platform to connect core and legacy systems, CRMs, Cloud Services, to partners, and accelerate your time-to-market.
  • Leverage embedded finance by partnering with fintechs to address immediate market needs.
  • Prepare for open banking regulations and drive business growth beyond just compliance.
  • Tackle legacy modernization from core banking to open banking enablement.
  • Launch Innovative and customer-centric digital banking products and services in record time.
  • Gain visibility and governance over your APIs.
For Fintechs

Connect directly to banks and skip intermediaries to power your innovation.

  • Enable plug-and-play connectivity to build revenue streams with embedded finance.
  • Enable AI-based functionalities and seamlessly integrate chatbots, website, Apps, IoT, kiosks, and other customer facing touchpoints.
  • Elevate API security and governance with Sensedia's open banking-ready platform.
  • Improve developer experiences and accelerate third-party and partner onboarding processes.
  • Gain visibility and governance over your APIs.

Enable AI chatbots and other digital channels

Utilize Sensedia's low-code platform to enable digital experiences and services. Integrate mobile apps, AI chatbots, and other channels to elevate your customer engagement and loyalty, while simultaneously driving substantial revenue and maximizing ROI.

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Fintechs, Banks, Credit Unions ilustration

Easily connect to banks, credit unions, or fintechs

Quickly and seamlessly connect directly to third-party partners, and skip intermediaries to gain full control over your integrations. Leverage embedded finance to meet consumer demands when they need and when they need it and build new revenue streams.


Turn CFPB Regulation into financial innovation

Sensedia is a global leader in open banking, helping 40+ financial institutions launch compliant products for millions of users. Cut out intermediaries and accelerate your embedded finance, payments, and BaaS deliveries while in compliance with CFPB regulations.

Sensedia API Platform

Your reliable business connectivity hub

Sensedia is your all-in-one integration platform, prioritizing security, reliability, and scalability. For over 200 clients, our platform accelerates digital innovation and ecosystem building through low-code, automated workflows. Our legacy-friendly connectors ensure plug-and-play compatibility, future-proofing your business.


Unlock legacy systems for maximum performance

Leverage your dependable legacy systems as a competitive advantage by seamlessly connecting internal data and insights. We mitigate technical debt by offering a future-proof, flexible, and composable architecture roadmap, so you can adapt to new technologies and trends and maximize business performance.

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Unlock your growth potential with Sensedia

Learn how APIs equip insurance providers for future challenges.

Drive operational Efficiency

  • Streamline communication between brokers and policyholders.
  • Enable rapid delivery of quotes, policies, and proposals.
  • Leverage real-time data analysis to promote faster enrollment.

Design your APIs with the best standards for secure data flow

  • Efficiently navigate regulatory compliance and adapt to market changes.
  • Facilitate ideation and implementation of new business models.
  • Enhance security using standardized API protocols like FAPI and OpenID.

Build partner ecosystems

  • Seamlessly integrate with emerging technologies in Insurtech and healthtech.
  • Improve Developer Experience through a dedicated developer portal.
  • Drive rapid product development while fostering an innovative mindset.

Modernize system infrastructure

  • Quickly integrate emerging tech, like AI chatbots.
  • Centralize digital operations for improved efficiency.
  • Build new revenue streams with secure API integrations.

Trusted by leading companies for our secure and reliable solutions

Open Insurance

Gain a competitive edge through Open Insurance strategies

Quickly embrace Open Insurance strategy and go beyond compliance expectations. Leverage open strategy to create new business models and revenue opportunities.

Platform strategy

Gain scalability through partner integration and robust ecosystems

Leveraging APIs, adopt a scalable platform strategy that enhances the reach of your offerings through partner integrations. Drive innovation and unlock new revenue streams for your business.


Strategic Expertise that drives innovation and connectivity

Digital Experiences

Streamline the creation and delivery of highly integrated digital channels that bring value to both your customers and your business.

Integrate Partners & Ecosystems

Provide a frictionless experience, from onboarding to implementation, and foster partnerships that enhance your offering and relevance in the market.

Agile Architecture and Legacy Modernization

Accelerate your digital strategies by increasing the scalability and flexibility of your entire architecture.

Open Innovation

Maximize the potential of open innovation models and platform positioning to extend your reach and create multiple revenue streams.

Frequently asked questions

Find the answers to the most common questions about our insurance solutions.

What level of technical support does Sensedia offer? Is there a dedicated support channel to handle issues or questions during the implementation and ongoing use of this solution?

Our technical support is available 24/7 through API Care, a specialized service dedicated to managing Open APIs. Also, our dedicated journey team is always available to help clients navigate and test regulatory requirements once they are live.

Does Sensedia provide training and development for my technical teams? Are there educational resources or materials available to aid in understanding and effectively utilizing the solution?

We go the extra mile! We provide our clients with:

  • Customer Success: Comprehensive support throughout their journeys, providing both technical and strategic guidance.

  • Professional Services: We have a dedicated team that provides guidance on regulatory developments.

  • API Portal: Our platform provides comprehensive support for all stakeholders engaged in Open Insurance APIs.

  • Sensedia Docs: Access to a wealth of resources and playbooks, including tutorials, usage guides, and technical references.
Does Sensedia provide resources to monitor the performance and health of APIs, as well as analyze integration data? Does this include metrics, dashboards, or analytics tools?

Our API Platform seamlessly integrates with the Open Insurance solution, offering native support to:

  • Support Services: Real-time monitoring to ensure the health and stability of APIs within the Open Insurance ecosystem.
How does Sensedia's pricing structure work? Is it based on subscriptions, usage, or custom projects? Are there any additional costs associated with implementation, maintenance, or support?

We offer flexible pricing based on usage volume. One of our greatest advantages is the value we bring by relieving our clients from the complexities of regulatory compliance. This enables them to fully concentrate on their data and leverage the immense value generated by Open APIs.

Does Sensedia's solution have the flexibility to address the specific requirements of my insurance company? Can it effectively handle a high volume of transactions and data? How does the solution handle scalability?

Our solution is self-scalable. We support major retailers during Black Friday season and handle monthly volumes exceeding 1 billion requests.

What are the success stories or references from other insurance companies that have already used Sensedia's services for API integration in Open Insurance? What results have been achieved?

Sensedia goes above and beyond regulatory compliance. We have established partnerships with leading insurance companies that use our product for Open Insurance. Explore our case studies featuring MAG Seguros and SulAmérica, and see how we enable seamless and agile integration.

How does Sensedia ensure compliance with Open Insurance regulations? What security and privacy measures are implemented in their solutions?

We have a dedicated team focused on ensuring understanding, alignment, and evolution of the Sensedia solution in compliance with regulations. We utilize a secure environment, including a PCI environment for our clients. Within the scope of our API Management solution, we are certified in ISO 27001 and ISO 27701. This guarantees information security, privacy, and data protection.

What is Sensedia's approach to integrating its solution with the existing IT systems in my insurance company? Can it seamlessly integrate with legacy systems, or does it require extensive restructuring?

The data flowing through Open Insurance should not interfere with the transactional data of the insurance company. Sensedia helps build the data structure, microservices, and exposes this data to ensure regulatory compliance.

Which technologies and protocols does Sensedia support for API integration? Does this encompass specific Open Insurance standards, using standardized APIs?

Our API integration is based on the REST protocol. Two important security standards adopted by the Open Insurance solution are FAPI and OpenID. They are not exclusive to OPIN (Open Insurance) and bring maturity to our solution. We adhere to the principles of Open Insurance compliance. The REST protocol has played a transformative role in streamlining the integration process within the ecosystem.

Begin your API journey with Sensedia

Together, we offer a comprehensive range of integration, API Management and microservices solutions with a team of specialized experts dedicated to driving the evolution of open models and platforms. We are obsessed with our customers' success, from compliance to exploring new business models.