Sensedia achieves ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications

Oscar Fujiwara
April 12, 2022
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Sensedia's growth is a continuous journey of evolution. We strive to improve our services, products, offers, operations, customers, and partners. Our dedicated team is constantly working towards enhancements, and today we are thrilled to announce our latest achievement: ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications!

The scope of our certifications covers our API Management Platform, a vital component that connects key business areas, information, and data. ISO 27001 focuses on information security processes, while ISO 27701 emphasizes privacy and data protection.

These complementary certifications confirm that we adhere to the highest standards and follow best practices in handling information and data. Whether internally or externally, we prioritize the security and privacy of all stakeholders involved in our value chain. This not only instills more confidence in our existing customers but also paves the way for exciting new business opportunities.
“Information security and data protection have always been among Sensedia's priorities. We are confident that Sensedia's API Platform follows the best information security and privacy practices in the market and the ISO certifications came to confirm what had already been practised here in-house. It was a process that involved the collaboration of all areas of the company and will certainly bring many opportunities and further strengthen the relationship we have with our customers and partners”, celebrates José Vahl, Head of Operations at Sensedia.

As you may already know, Sensedia plays a crucial role in the development and fortification of open and interoperable ecosystems by combining a low-code API platform with top-notch consulting services. With ISO 27001 and ISO 27701 certifications, our stakeholders can have even greater confidence in us.
Recognized globally, these ISO certifications will further propel our expansion in both the Brazilian and international markets. They serve as evidence that we are continuously elevating ourselves to face new and greater challenges. It's a significant achievement that calls for celebration!

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