Sensedia Named as a Leader in API Management Solutions by Independent Research Firm

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August 23, 2022
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Sensedia announced that its API technology platform has been recognized as a Leader by Forrester Research, Inc. in its recently published report “The Forrester Wave™: API Management Solutions, Q3 2022."


In this report, Forrester assessed 15 API management solutions against a set of pre-defined criteria, reporting that good API strategy and design are a key foundation for digital transformation. In addition to being named a leader, Sensedia received the highest possible scores in the Beyond-REST API Management, Formal Lifecycle Management, Product Vision, Planned Enhancements, Supporting Services, and Market Approach criteria.

“[Sensedia’s] powerful vision for API management focuses on ecosystem business models supported by a multicloud architecture and integration patterns beyond only REST, including event-driven protocols. It provides strong supporting services from its API specialty consulting services division, including both technical and business workshops to define and execute an API-led business model… Sensedia’s market approach is strong, focused on organizations transitioning to digital business models with modern architecture. Its roadmap emphasizes adaptive API governance, business insights, and API product management,” according to the Forrester report.

The report also noted, “Sensedia is a solid choice for buyers seeking a strong product and services partner to transform into an API-led digital business utilizing protocols beyond just REST.”

“We’re honored by the solid analysis that Forrester has provided of our API management solutions,” Sensedia CEO Kleber Bacili said. “We believe this reflects our commitment to preparing our customers for the future and ensuring they have their integration strategies covered from every angle."

Bacili added, “We think organizations like Forrester and our customers around the world recognize that a powerful API Management platform gives organizations an agile, modern, and integrated architecture that allows them to deliver faster digital experiences, consolidate and monitor digital channels, and boost partner ecosystems.”

Hundreds of global brands rely on and trust Sensedia for their API management, including HSBC, C&A, Electrolux, Natura, BRF, Cinemark, Essilor, Honda, HDI and Travelex.

Sensedia has been supporting companies with technical solutions since 2007, and its products and services include an API Management Platform, Adaptive Governance, Events Hub, Service Mesh, Cloud Connectors, and Strategic Professional Services teams. The company has offices in the UK, Ireland, Germany, Spain, Switzerland, Lithuania, Peru, Brazil, and the US.

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