Sensedia Wins Gold at the Global Business Tech Awards

Oscar Fujiwara
May 10, 2022
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Sensedia Awards

The Sensedia trophy case is running out of space from so many awards! The most recent was from the Global Business Tech Awards (GBTA), in which we were the winners in the SaaS Company of the Year category.

The judges, who were global industry leaders and experts, commented on Sensedia’s ‘strong articulation of business challenges, clear objectives and targets, and impressive portfolio of work challenges.’ One of the highlights of Sensedia was revenue growth of over 70% in 2021 and how it addressed and served customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The evolution of the numbers did not stop in 2022. Sensedia has surpassed 800 employees, and 160 customers; these numbers will continue to increase. Sensedia is currently operating in more than ten countries, including Brazil, Peru, Colombia, United Kingdom, US and Spain. A $23M Riverwood Capital 2021 investment helped support efforts towards international expansion and employee growth. Currently, there are 58 remote vacancies.

“Winning the Software as a Service award is a welcome recognition of our growth, innovative work, dedicated to customer success, and leadership efforts to help our customers operate in a more digital, open and connected world,” said Sensedia’s chief of growth officer and co-founder, Marcilio Oliveira. “We’re delighted and proud to receive this accolade.”

Sensedia is one of the main companies responsible for the evolution of the Open concept, in Latin America and Europe. Sensedia is also aggressively investing in the development of US banking and financial services markets, leveraging its API Platform and consulting services to support customers as they pursue Banking as a Service, and Connected Banking initiatives.  The company helps support and accelerate the formation of ecosystems through interoperability and integration between banks, merchants, customers, and all of the systems and applications that connect and drive innovations in banking and commerce.

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