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We are more than 600 people passionate about APIs, innovation and technology, and we are looking for talents who want to join us in this world with a bright eyes, focus on our customer success, courage to go beyond, thinking and acting out of the box, because here we prefer to apologize instead of asking permission.

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Why we do it

More than a reference company in technology and innovation, we are a company focused on people, we are extremely proud of everything that has brought us here and that has made us a company of strong culture, with values ​​polished by people and recognized as one of the best technology companies to work with.

We are transparent and great with teamwork.

We focus on excellent results, tirelessly.

We have autonomy, we take the responsibility for what we do and prefer to apologize instead of asking permission.

We understand what challenges our customers and e fight to help them win.

We don’t like comfort zone. We are curious, bold and no afraid to innovate.

Benefits and perks


Communication and transparency in the results of each month, here everyone is on the same page.

Casual day, everyday

After all, a relaxed atmosphere does not fit with a suit and tie.


Whether it’s winning new customers, improving results or the birthdays of the month… We like to celebrate!

Sensedia Academy

Training and Development to keep our team prepared to face challenges anywhere around the world.

Internship Program

Our internship program begins in October participate in the next process.

Flexible Schedule

Need to do Home Office? We understand that to deliver better results, each one has their ideal time and place.

Our open positions

Know some of our people

Flavio Pimenta
Architect, Campinas

Sensedia is a mature company where the autonomy of its professionals is cultivated. The environment in their offices is very familiar and the relationship with customers is always transparent and professional.
I work as a Solution Architect on consulting teams.

Deivis Martins Gaspar
Team Leader, Campinas

Working at Sensedia is a rare career opportunity to find, a company where we operate with the latest technology market trends. It gives us the opportunity for continuous growth, always caring about keeping your employees motivated and engaged.

Mayra Puntillo Rodriguez
Solutions Architect LatAm, Peru

For me, working at Sensedia is a great step in my career, because I'm part of the International team, which allows me to share my experience with people from different countries.  Also, I'm very happy to work with amazing people doing amazing things.  I'm very grateful for the support of our team and for belonging to the Sensedia culture.

Sesh Ram
Sales Lead Europe

Place where Culture is what you build. The team is extremely passionate, committed and at the end of the day you are building a next generation business for your customers. If there is a place which embraces change this is it.

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