Cielo drives technological breakthroughs beyond payment terminals



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With over 1.2 million active customers, Cielo is the top electronic payments provider in Latin America, serving a diverse client base from S-Corps to major retailers.

Our client’s challenge

Drive innovation, enhance competitiveness, and empower businesses and consumers to better understand and leverage their finances.

Sensedia’s role

Overhauling the supporting architecture for online solutions, encompassing programming languages, API and microservices adoption, and facilitating a more agile working environment for teams.

Experience gains

We established an enterprise-grade platform to elevate the customer's digital journey, leveraging analytics and data for informed decision-making. Also, introduced QR code and NFC-enabled payment terminals, intelligent terminals, and innovative payment and transfer solutions.

Strategic gains

Developed an Open Innovation strategy, paving the way for projects that resulted in rapid and impactful changes to Cielo’s business model.

By utilizing the capabilities of AWS services, including Amazon EKS for managing containers, Amazon S3 for secure data storage, and Amazon RDS for efficient database management, our solution achieves exceptional performance and reliability.

Looking ahead, our commitment to innovation is closely aligned with AWS. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable as we explore the capabilities of services like EKS, S3, and RDS. Sensedia's drive to innovate fuels technological advancement in our clients and helps sets new industry standards.

Our solution embodies the core principles of cloud-native architecture and operates seamlessly as a SaaS platform on AWS. Amazon EKS ensures smooth deployment, scalability, and container management, providing an unmatched user experience. The robustness of Amazon S3 guarantees data security and accessibility, while Amazon RDS optimizes database operations for maximum efficiency.

Through our partnership with AWS, we don't just lead in API management; we pioneer the full potential of EKS, S3, and RDS to deliver sustainable success and exponential growth to our clients.

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