BV Bank implements API governance with Sensedia


banco BV

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One of the largest private banks in Brazil, bank BV, originated from the union of one of the biggest financial institutions in Latin America, Banco do Brasil, and global conglomerate, Votorantim, guaranteeing its ability to offer multiple products: accounts, cards, loans and financing for individuals, insurance and assistance, institutional investors, vehicles, Corporate & Investment Banking, Asset Management and Private Banking.

Our client’s challenge

The bank faced a challenge implementing effective API governance to create a set of practices, policies and processes to manage and control these interfaces within the company's DevPortal.

Sensedia’s role

Sensedia embarked on this project to help banco BV establish a mature system for analyzing its APIs, accelerating team processes and analytical workflows while introducing scalability through standardization and recommended practices.

Experience gains

By implementing the proposed solutions, the bank accelerated the automated analysis processes of API contracts, resulting in greater speed and accuracy in evaluating API quality and compliance. Questionnaire-based maturity assessment simplified the assessment process, saving time and resources.

Strategic gains

banco BV gained the ability to quickly generate and work with high-quality API contracts, ensuring consistency and adherence to industry standards. This standardized approach brought scalability and enabled efficient API integrations across the organization.

By utilizing the capabilities of AWS services, including Amazon EKS for managing containers, Amazon S3 for secure data storage, and Amazon RDS for efficient database management, our solution achieves exceptional performance and reliability.

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