Sensedia wins FinTech Awards 2021 in the category "Best Open Banking Solutions Provider

Willian Pereira
September 1, 2021
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International award is organised annually by the British magazine Wealth & Finance and highlights companies that seek to transform the financial sector.

Open Banking is already a reality in several countries. In the UK, one of the first to adopt this open business model, users and institutions are already reaping the benefits of innovation. In Brazil, the implementation has advanced and the help of Sensedia solutions in the adaptation of various institutions has gained international prominence.

Attempted by all these movements of Open Banking around the world, the 5th edition of FinTech Awards 2021, organized by the British magazine Wealth & Finance, recognized Sensedia as the best Open Banking solutions provider.

"We are very pleased to have our work recognized in a global scale award. This proves that we are on the right track," says Kleber Bacili, CEO of Sensedia.

Open Banking has indeed been one of the priorities at Sensedia, which leverages all the knowledge and experience in APIs to ensure a successful process to suit its customers in the financial sector.

"Our API management platform is the key enabler for any company with a scalable strategy. It provides security and agility, connects legacy systems, integrates digital channels and supports the growth of partner ecosystems," Bacili adds.

The winners of the FinTech Awards 2021 are available in the online edition of the magazine, in which CEO Kleber Bacili also participates in an exclusive interview. Click here to read it.

About the FinTech Awards

Organized by the British magazine Wealth & Finance, the FinTech Awards is in its 5th edition and aims to recognize and highlight professionals, companies and ventures from across the global fintechs industry that seek to transform the way we manage our finances.

The awards range from small startups to large, market-leading corporations, always highlighting requirements such as innovation, dedication and commitment to improving the industry and the consumer experience.

With around 130,000 readers worldwide, Wealth & Finance is a showcase for companies looking to promote their brand among a global audience, and offers FinTech Awards winners the opportunity to use the W&F platform to share their news with their readers.

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