API Adaptive Governance: How it Impacts Your Operation and Business?

Nicholas Gimenes
November 8, 2023
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Why API Governance?

API Governance is becoming increasingly important as API strategies quickly grow into complex scenarios, involving different teams and business units, and being available for consumption by up to thousands of developers.

In turn, the adoption of server-based and microservice architectures, as well as integrations with ecosystems, accumulate and bring even more governance challenges to digital businesses.

These challenges show up in many different areas and must be addressed efficiently.

  • Operation: anticipate and solve operational issues quickly;
  • Development: accelerate deliveries and reuse components;
  • Security: apply the appropriate security mechanisms; 
  • Business: reduce time-to-market and maintain alignment with business strategy;

Digital businesses need to have control over what they do, but they also want to stay flexible to keep innovating and pushing new ideas. The level of governance and control should be flexible to handle specific situations and allow change over time.

Why API Adaptive Governance?

Adaptive Governance is the ability to determine styles and governance controls required for different contexts and scenarios of a digital business.

This capability, when developed and tailored for digital strategies, has a direct impact on business-critical outcomes such as:

  • Time-to-market reduction, cost reduction, and productivity increase;
  • Risk reduction, higher security, and compliance;
  • Higher quality and operation control;
  • Better experience for developers and customers;

Governança de APIs - API Governance

To have this adaptive governance capability, the API Governance Team needs to establish API governance pillars (policies, processes, KPIs, responsibilities, materials, tools) that enable:

  • Management of the different environments, contexts, and team workflows;
  • Guarantees of the application of security policies, best practices, and standards;
  • Prevention of outages and quick troubleshooting;
  • Understanding of the dependencies scenario to assess the impacts of API changes or failures;
  • Organization of the API catalog, with documentation and versioning;
  • Reuse of APIs and their alignment to business strategies;
  • Tracking of real-time metrics to control and evolution of the API portfolio;

Why Sensedia Adaptive Governance?

Sensedia Adaptive Governance is a modern Sensedia module that offers a low-code interface with advanced features for API Adaptive Governance, including:

  • Advanced API catalog with attributes and detailed search;
  • Visualization of dependencies and impact analysis;
  • Definition of requirements and templates for publishing APIs;
  • Automatic policy enforcement and workflow creation;
  • API Interface Completeness Score;
  • Configurable and preventive alerts;
  • Timeline of changes (audit);

Governança de APIs - API Governance

These features work hand-in-hand with governance-related functionalities already native to the Sensedia API Platform, for instance:

  • Customizable real-time dashboards with business and technical metrics;
  • Configuration of access plans and application of security mechanisms;
  • Complete logging & tracing (with payload logging and additional data);
  • Creation of teams, roles, permissions, and environments;
  • Version and deployment control, automatic creation and update of documentation;
  • Dev portal for publishing and organizing APIs;

Governança de APIs - API Governance

In addition to the Sensedia Adaptive Governance module, Sensedia's consulting team has developed an API Governance playbook to support its clients in building an API Governance Team and in several activities like defining governance models, policies, standards, security mechanisms, KPIs, impact analysis, prioritization, workflow configuration - to ensure control and evolution of your digital strategies with APIs.

Governança de APIs - API Governance

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