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June 22, 2022

Sensedia uses AWS expertise to accelerate the digital journey of companies

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Sensedia announced that it became a member of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network (APN) and is offering its solutions in AWS Marketplace.  From now on, the journey to purchase from Sensedia's portfolio becomes faster and the process can be completed in minutes on this page by any company. The portfolio includes the API management platform and professional services including consulting.

Marcilio Oliveira, Chief of Growth and co-founder of Sensedia, says: “Cloud and APIs are keys to create innovative solutions. They not only digitally transform the business, but also enhance the customer experience. Our technology solves a global problem and being in AWS Marketplace contributes to taking Sensedia's solution to any region and company in the world”.

The integration into AWS Marketplace emerges from the increasingly global consumption of APIs. The digital market is being accelerated by API-first businesses such as digital banking, food delivery apps, wallets, ecommerce, insurance tech ecosystems, and mobility apps across the globe. They require a new look at the development of business strategies. By using API management in the cloud, these companies are able to integrate systems and share data to create new digital business models, providing more agility in operation and revenue growth.

Companies in the digital transformation journey widely benefit from APIs because they are coding and programming patterns that accelerate the exchange of data between platforms or integrating legacy systems with more modern IT architectures.

Sensedia is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company and, having its services one click away from companies that want to grow and transform their digital channels, can contribute to a more open, connected and digital corporate world.

About Sensedia:

Sensedia supports companies in becoming more digital, connected and open through a technology platform and expertise in APIs and microservices. Whether for the purpose of integrating channels, enabling partner ecosystems or creating modern multi-cloud/hybrid architectures, innovative companies rely on Sensedia as a partner in API management, micro-services, service-mesh, governance, security and compliance, and fast integration with their legacy systems. More at

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