Sensedia Accelerates More Businesses with Secure AWS Solutions

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June 22, 2022
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Sensedia has recently joined the Amazon Web Services Partner Network and made its solutions available on AWS Marketplace. This exciting development enables companies to access Sensedia's portfolio swiftly and efficiently, completing the purchase process within minutes through a dedicated page. Sensedia’s comprehensive portfolio includes a robust API management platform and a range of professional services, including consulting. Businesses can easily procure and leverage Sensedia's offerings to enhance their API management capabilities, integrations, and microservices.

Marcilio Oliveira, Chief of Growth and co-founder of Sensedia says: “Cloud and APIs are keys to creating innovative solutions. They not only digitally transform the business, but also enhance the customer experience. Our technology solves a global problem and being in AWS Marketplace contributes to taking Sensedia's solution to any region and company in the world”.

The integration of Sensedia into AWS Marketplace reflects the growing global demand for APIs. API-first businesses, spanning digital banking, food delivery apps, wallets, e-commerce, insurance tech ecosystems, and others, are driving the accelerated growth of the digital market. 

Digital businesses necessitate a fresh approach to business strategy development that includes API management. By leveraging API management in the cloud, these companies can seamlessly integrate systems and share data, enabling the creation of new and innovative digital business models. This approach fosters operational agility and fuels revenue growth, providing companies with the necessary tools to thrive in the digital era.

Sensedia's API expertise provides significant advantages to companies by employing coding and programming patterns that accelerate data exchange across platforms and enable seamless integration of legacy systems with modern IT architectures. As a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider, Sensedia's products and services are easily accessible for businesses seeking to expand and digitally transform their channels. Through these efforts, Sensedia actively contributes to cultivating a more interconnected, accessible, and digitally-driven corporate ecosystem.

About Sensedia

Sensedia supports enterprises to simplify their architecture and integrations in order to improve efficiency and business agility. Either to leverage legacy systems, unlock data, create whole new experiences for customers, or adopt new business models, Sensedia's solutions go beyond API Management, working as a close partner in making customers do more, faster, and better with APIs, Microservices, and their architecture. By enabling digital strategies through a more flexible architecture, Sensedia empowers its clients' businesses to become more agile, composable, and connected.

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