Unlocking API Excellence: Sensedia's Developer Experience for Seamless Integration and Optimal Support

Nicholas Gimenes
November 13, 2023
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In the contemporary business landscape, virtually every company maintains a Customer Support Department, particularly those in the IT sector. However, enhancing the experience for users utilizing the APIs in their applications and incorporating effective IT lifecycle management renders a company's segment more agile and manageable, consistently aligned with the organization's overarching goals.

This underscores the significance of a designated Developer Experience (DX) team, which concentrates on strategic goals, customer processes, tools, and APIs to ensure an optimized support framework.

What are the responsibilities of The Developer Experience (DX)?

In essence, the Developer Experience (DX) team is accountable for enhancing and facilitating the customer or application's utilization of APIs, with a specific focus on ensuring continuous and optimized API usage.

OK, but why?

Usage Analysis and Data Extraction Monitoring

To pinpoint potential points of failure and mitigate significant impacts on the API caller side, our Sensedia API management solutions, including the API monitoring system, enable the identification of primary factors leading to 4XX errors (client errors) and 5XX errors (server errors). We can optimize the API and enhance the overall user experience by addressing these issues.

Additionally, through this analysis, we can monitor latency (response time), efficiency (API call results), error tolerance, and user-friendliness. By comprehending user behavior, call volume, and HTTP status ratios, we obtain the data needed for an error ratio reduction analysis and improved utilization of API calls.

Knowing the Process and Customer’s Rule of Business

Understanding the customer enables the identification of scenarios that may benefit from improvement. For instance, in a marketplace context, one can analyze the JSON data from the calls to track registered products, optimizing information and internal standards.

In the event of any situation preventing the third-party retailer from uploading products to the marketplace, whether due to misinformation or non-compliance with predefined standards, we can proactively intervene by applying Developer Experience best practices. This involves notifying the integrator (platform or hub) to address the issue, ensuring that the necessary information reaches our marketplace customer promptly.

Inclusion and Maintenance in the Developers Portal

Each customer requires guidance to facilitate the application developer's use of the API, providing process documentation and usage rules. The Developer Experience (DX) is responsible for evaluating the adequacy of existing documentation and ensuring it meets developers' needs. This involves making necessary improvements, optimizing flow comprehension, and updating information as needed.

A developer portal equipped with comprehensive information, communication channels, and consistently updated support expedites the integration process, making it more efficient and seamless.

What information is crucial for an API developer?

  • API usage guide
  • Customer tips and rules
  • Sandbox environment (for testing outside the production environment)
  • List of available resources and methods, among other essentials.

‍Ticket Servicing

Possessing a channel and analysts with a deep understanding of the customer's business and API usage simplifies assistance, rendering it more precise and objective.

Application Validation

The ability to validate conducted tests, including measuring developer experience, ensures that the application utilizing the production API complies with all mandatory processes and requirements for success. Consequently, we will scrutinize these steps, and if any discrepancies are detected, adjustments can be made before the application enters production. This preemptive action may have an impact on both the integrator and the customer.

‍Production Access Control

Managing application access based on API usage permissions (public, private, or restricted) becomes feasible. In instances where it is required, access may be included or restricted upon customer request, with monitoring of the allowed number of requests per access key. 

When the client utilizes the API key in private mode, it falls under the responsibility of the Developer Experience (DX) support team to generate this key in the production environment, adhering to the specific rules and processes of each client.

‍I have developed an API. What now?

Consider the developer's process for utilizing this API and aim for an optimal digital experience.

Therefore, it is crucial to ensure the execution of all the actions mentioned above, consistently striving for continuous improvement to enhance the benefits and positive impact of utilizing these APIs.

‍Ultimately, what are the advantages of having a focused service?

Developer Experience (DX), driven by the highest-standard DevOps practices, functions as a facilitator for the optimal API experience and usage, specializing in business-specific needs and adhering to client-defined rules.

A primary benefit for clients with this dedicated support team is the pursuit of API call optimization to ensure the application's success. Furthermore, with Sensedia’s DX platform, we become an extension of the client’s organization, assisting not only in API-related matters but also in collaborative analysis of processes and ideas throughout the entire partnership, offering support whenever needed.

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