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June 17, 2020

Aliansce Sonae Case: Connecting Businesses

Ana Clara Ongaro
Marketing & Customer Experience
Graduated in journalism at PUC-Campinas and specialized in press relations and telejournalism. Passionate about telling good stories and fascinated with technology and how it can add to all of this.
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Aliansce Sonae is the largest shopping mall manager in Brazil, with 39 projects across the country. With the growth of digital sales models and e-commerce, they needed to reinvent themselves to bring new experiences to customers. APIs were essential for the journey of integrating physical and digital business.

The growth of digital interaction with customers has become crucial for business. Given this scenario, the challenge was to redesign the way to meet the user’s needs, offering a more complete and fluid experience between the physical and digital channels. Thus, Omnichannel was indispensable to offering shopkeepers the chance to profit even more, while for consumers, it offered the convenience of a fully online and integrated journey.

The network application, which had little adherence, gave way to the Web app, linking user searches on the network with the mall shopkeeper’s page. The new app model enabled Aliansce Sonae to achieve its goals. With APIs integrating partners, roughly 20% of online sales of tickets to attractions in the mall, for example, came from the Web app.

By promoting the digital business of its shopkeepers and creating an ecosystem of partners, it has been possible to innovate and even increase the mall’s flow. Bringing already established marketplaces into the Web app, the role of the mall is to support the shopkeeper and enable the mall’s inventory to be used for online sales.

APIs have modernized the legacy of Aliansce Sonae, facilitating the necessary connections for maintaining business, migrating sales flows move from physical to digital and vice-versa, in a safe and quick manner. Modernization has become part of the strategy, in which even the legacy of the partnership was updated.

With the success of the business integrations, the APIs were also taken to the internal systems of the network, also bringing agility to the administrative part, so that the system would be more pleasant and intuitive for employees.

The Sensedia API Platform has brought more security to the business, handling data at both ends of the operation. “It was important to rely on a platform that features a whole security framework behind it. This is especially important”Fabio Moraes, CIO at Aliansce Sonae.

Watch Sensedia’s case with Fábio Moraes, from Aliansce Sonae

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