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December 30, 2021

Sensedia is nominated as Banking as a Service of the Year - 2021, by Pan Finance magazine, and receives its second award of the year

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To close 2021 with another highly relevant recognition, Sensedia was awarded as Banking as a Service of the Year - Brazil 2021, by Pan Finance magazine. The award aims to recognize and highlight companies across the industry that have excelled in their areas.

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As Open Banking is consolidated in the global financial market, several countries are seeking systems and solutions for their organizations to adapt to this new Open reality. In Brazil, the implementation was supported by Sensedia solutions in the adaptation of several institutions, which generated another international award.

With a strong focus on the international market and defining Open Banking as one of its priorities, the award represents all the knowledge and experience of its API specialists and highlights how the company has played an important role in this journey by providing new market insights.

"More than a technology enabler, APIs are a vital tool to compete in an increasingly digital world (as well as being mandatory for Open Banking participants who have regulatory compliant API platforms)," comments Marcilio Oliveira, co-founder and Chief of Growth at the company.

To understand more about the award and Sensedia's work within the digital transformation of organizations in Open Banking, check out the exclusive interview with Marcilio Oliveira. Click here and see the full interview.

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Pan Finance is an online and print newspaper that provides global intelligence on finance, economics and global trade. Its awards programme has established itself as a true indicator of excellence by identifying organisations that have excelled in their respective areas, with leading examples of best practice in the market.

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