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April 17, 2020

Sensedia Flexible Actions - Automate your APIs Operation

Nicholas Gimenes
Leader of Growth & Product Marketing
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API ecosystems in enterprises quickly become more complex and critical to digital business success.

Therefore, it is essential to seek solutions that reduce the risks associated with these APIs, bring more agility to the operation and enable scaling activities to sustain this ecosystem.

Sensedia Flexible Actions

Many companies face these challenges in their digital initiatives, and due to the lack of adequate tools, present an unpredictive operation of APIs, performing many manual and repetitive tasks that open the possibility of errors and rework, in addition to the impact or delay in delivering projects decisive for business results.

Adding this to the criticality of APIs for the business, more experienced professionals often end up being allocated to operational tasks to "put out the fire" when a critical API stops working.

Sensedia Flexible Actions

Flexible Actions  is a product of the Sensedia platform to automate the operation of its APIs through the configuration of alarms and triggering of automatic actions.Among the main features of Flexible Actions are:

  • 9 types of notifications and severity models
  • Alarm and action configuration based on the parameters of the APIs and the platform
  • Notifications by email, directly on the platform and via APIs
Sensedia Flexible Actions

This automation provided by Flexible Actions frees the technical teams from most of the manual and repetitive work, avoiding errors and allowing the professionals to focus on more strategic issues of the business, in addition to enabling the configuration of automatic actions of a preventive nature.

These capabilities of Flexible Actions have a great positive impact on digital business, as it promotes risk reduction, greater agility, control and a better experience to its customers.

Sensedia Flexible Actions
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