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August 16, 2022

Sensedia Connectors: enabling ecosystem connectivity

David Roldán Martínez
Senior Solutions Architect
Expert in Open Banking, Open Finance, Open Data, and other Open Economy related sectors. I can help you to reach your business goals by assessing your IT processes and infrastructure and guiding you to improve and optimize them.
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Open Ecosystems is when different companies come together to co-innovate and try to address a common need. Where there is freedom for ideation, innovation, new business models, based on collaboration.

In such a scenario, many businesses have realised that APIs are an effective way to enable the digital transformation of their enterprises. This has increased focus on the API economy, as organisations have the ability to use their systems, processes, and data by publishing an API to create value and potentially a revenue stream for both themselves and their business partners. This led to the creation of value that not only operates independently but also enables the creation of new and unique applications from a combination of several APIs fueling novel and innovative business models. 

At the heart of these business models is the concept of connectivy, which relays on connectors.

Sensedia Connectors

Sensedia Connectors is an add-on to Sensedia API Platform that are used in API resources and provide integration between HTTP and other protocols. For example, a company may need to expose a database, its CRM system, such as Salesforce or SAP, or integrate with cloud services.

Connectors solve precisely this connection problem. They are devices that transform the information of an HTTP request into a different protocol, adapting the syntax but keeping the content intact.

The figure below represents the way the connectors on our Platform work. Connectors are accessed only by the API Gateway and all the information they transform is released for consumption through the APIs which are deployed in the Sensedia API Platform.

Figure 1. Sensedia Connectors in action

In order to be able to present a wide overview of the current connectivity landscape, we will classify connector using two criteria: application scope (niche vs common) and application potential of innovation (traditional vs modern).

Figure 2. Connectivity Landscape Framework

1. Common modern applications

Top right quadrant is intented for applications with reduced code complexity, simplified authentication and easier code manteinance. Under this category we typically find infrastructure services as Cloud Connectors.

Figure 3. Connectors for common modern applications

2. Common traditional applications

This category is for commonly used traditional applications including Databases:

Figure 4. Connectors for common traditional applications

3. Niche modern applications

If you need a Connector for narrower application scope, Sensedia Platform offers you the posibility of using importers.

Typically application vendors document APIs in a Developer portal if they are not publishing the OAS specification. It is also possible to create a new API directly from a OAS specification:

Figure 5. Importing an API

Thus, for niche modern application the diagram is depicted at Figure 6:

Figure 6. Connectivity options when a connector is not available

4. Niche traditional applications

This fourth quadrant represents niche legacy applications that doesn’t expose APIs. Such applications typically provide one or more approaches for integration including SOAP-based web service, message, database call.

For example, imagine you want to create a REST API from a legacy one just by providing the WSDL: Sensedia Platform will make all the needed transformations. After the upload, the user will be directed to the list of services and operations present in the WSDL. 

Figure 7. Converting a SOAP API into a REST API
Figure 8. Connectivity options when API or Connector is not available

Sensedia Connectors allows you to provide application connectivity when needed. But, when a Connector is not available for your application there are options to build your own custom connector.

This wide range of options enables Sensedia Platform to create innovative solutions in any market.

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