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May 19, 2020

Sensedia Connectors - Connect legacy systems to new platforms using APIs and connectors

Nicholas Gimenes
Leader of Growth & Product Marketing
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Today's IT environments are hybrid, with a diversity of systems and protocols, both new and legacy. To manage this increasing complexity, there is a need for standardization and unified management, integrating legacy systems with new technologies, in a secure and monitored manner.

This integration between legacy systems and new platforms requires the creation of connectors for more modern protocols and standards. Often, these connectors end up being created in an ad-hoc manner, without complying with an adequate standardization and security model, which aggravates the complexity and lack of control over the integrations.

To facilitate these integrations, the Sensedia Connectors module allows connections to various protocols and data formats, providing a built-in connector catalog and a framework for creating connectors. The connectors created within this framework, expose the information in HTTP protocol, translated into a REST API, with a modern and lightweight format, which communicates securely only with the Sensedia API Platform


Moreover, within the Sensedia API Platform, one can also manage the applied connectors and monitor performance metrics.

Thus, by using Sensedia Connectors with the Sensedia API Platform, productivity gains (with built-in connectors and a framework for agile connector creation) and the ability to connect legacy systems with standardization are attained in a modern and light format, applying mechanisms for security and monitoring.

This ability to connect the legacy with promptness, security and control is necessary to create an integration layer that is ready to support business strategies in the digital world.

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