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February 11, 2022

Sensedia 15th Anniversary! If some start in the garage, we started on the road!

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15 years ago, on February 10th 2007, Sensedia emerged as a spin-off from CI&T, with a clear goal in mind: to establish connections between large companies. At that time, everything the company had to start its journey fit inside a single car: the VW Bus. 

In fact, at that time, this was exactly the vehicle used to transport the equipment to the company's first office. That is why this is the brand icon that is carried by the company nowadays, and it is displayed at the front door of the company.

Having the vision to revolutionise business, very present in the mentality of our founders, Kleber Bacili and Marcilio Oliveira, the Brazilian company was born and quickly consolidated itself as a reference in the APIs sector in the country. 

Thus, our exponential growth, during these 15 years, demonstrates that Sensedia's mission is to bring to our customers, from various market segments, a new and more digital reality, which provides the acceleration of innovation processes through simple procedures and data unlocking.

Now, thinking about the future, the focus is to pack our bags and take our VW Bus towards international expansion, but without taking our roots out of the Brazilian market. Not least because our solutions help to solve a global problem, for countless companies around the world. 

We will continue to provide our customers and partners with all the innovation and security they need to build an increasingly digital, connected and open business.

Happy birthday to Sensedia and let's go together towards more connections!

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