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October 20, 2022

Sensedia and UN Women: partnership for female representation in the company

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Sensedia has just signed a letter of commitment with UN Women, through a partnership with the called “Movimento Mulher 360” (meaning Woman 360 Movement). On this occasion, the company becomes a signatory to 7 principles of female empowerment, making a commitment to develop affirmative actions to promote equality and empowerment in the workplace.

This is another step in the journey that began in 2021, when the company created the PertenSer diversity and inclusion program, which has already achieved significant results, with 38% of leadership positions held by women.

Sensedia understands that it has already covered an important part of the way, but that much can still be done. Since the creation of PertenSer, a series of initiatives have taken place, such as the promotion of a Hackathon only for women, lectures to raise awareness of the team, creation of a whistleblower channel and the creation of campaigns on social networks, such as “Elas na Tech” , aimed at inspiring and encouraging women to work in the technology sector.

UN Women and the 7 principles

UN Women was created in 2010 to unite, strengthen and expand global efforts in defense of women's human rights. The organization sets out empowerment principles that all companies committed to the movement must abide by, called WEPs. There are seven measures, which propose for companies to establish high-level corporate leadership, guarantee equality, health, safety and well-being for women and men, promote training, implement business development practices and, finally, measure and publicly report progress. to achieve gender equity.

Goals in line with UN Women's principles

In a letter signed with the UN Women Movement, in addition to increasing its number of collaborators, Sensedia is committed to the following actions, based on the 7 principles:

  1. Institutionalize the anti-discrimination vision, through the publication of a corporate statement that prohibits any type of prejudiced practice;
  2. Create a gender equity development program in the leadership development path;
  3. Design an established parenting policy, considering pregnant, non-pregnant, lactating, non-lactating mothers and plural families;
  4. Invest in education and training, through partnerships that support organizations in the development, awareness, recruitment and inclusion of women in the technology sector;
  5. Carry out the Open Doors program for women to get to know Sensedia, culture, products, services and opportunities;
  6. Identify and develop more female spokespersons for the brand;
  7. Train communication professionals to improve actions that promote an increasingly inclusive and pluralistic vision;
  8. Establish partnerships with public initiatives and NGOs in favor of diversity and social responsibility. Today, the company already supports an Institute that welcomes children in vulnerable situations, located in the city of Campinas, SP, Brazil;
  9. Measure the evolution of gender, race and diversity issues in different areas within the company and in relation to other organizations.

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