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August 11, 2022

Innovation challenges in traditional companies

Oscar Fujiwara
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Innovation requires work and cultural change. And it becomes increasingly evident to any business that this is one of the best ways to face crises and stagnation, allowing them to reinvent themselves, strengthen their positioning and abandon practices that are not agile and with low scalability. 

This was the focus that Mariajosé Satizábal brought to the lecture How to create an innovation mindset within "Big companies" at APIX 2022's in-person journey, in São Paulo, on June 30.

The CEO of Imaginamos, a Colombian consultancy responsible for the emergence of Rappi and spinoffs in consolidated companies such as Shell, HDI, Sodexo and Itaú, has shown how it has helped traditional brands to get rid of the stigma of being places where innovation is a pain and not a solution. "We seek to insert the DNA of startups, agility and innovation, in addition to, at the same time, transferring the knowledge of big companies to startups".

She pointed out that the fear of compromising reputation and the focus on short-term results to meet the demands of shareholders are major obstacles in innovating. "In some cases, it is not the market that rejects the idea, but the company itself, which is afraid to take that leap and do something different. The most difficult thing is to overcome all doubts, including internal ones, and to believe that it can be done."

Using examples of global brands that have taken use of innovation to dominate their markets, such as Airbnb, Amazon and Uber, she showed the main steps to successfully establish this innovation mindset and stressed that even the most traditional and "plastered" institutions have the potential to reinvent themselves and develop new solutions when they come to give due attention to this transformative agent.

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