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January 19, 2022

How Netshoes uses Marketplace APIs

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Here on our blog we have already commented on the use of Marketplace APIs and mentioned Netshoes as a success story (you can check this content by clicking here). But since then, what has changed?

We know that Covid-19 brought about changes in consumer behaviour. One of them was growth in the use of e-commerce. This further evidenced the importance for the retailer to have a good ERP, internal control system, Hubs and Platforms that meet the needs of exhibiting their products virtually and with quality. 

At the same time, for e-commerce companies which provide a digital space such as a marketplace for these retailers, the display of their products has also evolved and is constantly changing and growing. 

In this context, Netshoes, one of the main sports lifestyle sites in Latin America and a reference in the sporting goods sector, belongs to a group that includes Zattini, one of the largest fashion and beauty e-commerces in the country. 

How Netshoes uses Marketplace APIs

The use of APIs at Netshoes has grown to support the demand of retailers that are increasingly seeking online sales. With this, it is possible for retailers to market their products in a showcase already known throughout Brazil, also bringing more confidence to consumers in using and buying through the site.

More and more merchants have been plugging in through partners who develop integration via APIs. All of them (both retailers and integrators), in order to integrate and be able to exhibit their products, undergo a daily analysis and monitoring screen to ensure that they meet all the necessary requirements and standards. There are several functionalities and control actions, the main ones being:

Netshoes Marketplace Integration

It is through these actions that we guarantee better control and a better process (both to the retailer and to the final consumer).

How Sensedia developed the Netshoes marketplace with APIs

Sensedia was able to contribute to the improvement of this Netshoes infrastructure in a comprehensive but close manner. In addition to providing APIs, we were also able, with our Developer Experience team, to support better control and daily monitoring of calls, thus managing to predict possible errors or difficulties of retailers and integrators. We also have an open channel with developers, managing to identify and resolve usage issues.

In addition, we have a very strong partnership with everyone involved, from the beginning to the end of the processes. Is there anything better than being close to your client and partner? With this, we achieved direct, clear and friendly communication. 

Being able to provide support and guidance whenever necessary, assist in monitoring and extracting metrics, aligning good practices for using APIs, supporting a constant evolution and creation of new APIs and healthy growth and always respecting a vision of optimisation.

How API integrations work in practice

When a Netshoes partner retailer wants to make a product available, they will initially need to provide detailed information in order to ensure better showcasing and information on the website. But it's not enough to just display the products and that's it. 

Through APIs the retailer will also monitor the approval of the availability of their registered products; control and maintenance of inventory, avoiding sales disruption, follow-up and updates of the orders generated, access to the SAC for information on consumer reports and other actions that involve successful marketplace marketing.

In addition to this vision of the use of APIs for retailers who use the Netshoes marketplace, we also have a vision of the benefit that the use brought to Netshoes itself.  It was possible to provide the entire structure of product exposure and order management that the portals can offer, thus controlling all relevant business flows in an agile and integrated way.

Previously, all actions took place through an internal portal in which the retailer and the catalogue team would have to perform manually. The use of APIs brought more agility in processes and product availability. That is, with the APIs, the registered products are already undergoing an automatic initial analysis, to ensure standardisation and mandatory information. As a result, when the product reaches the catalogue team, the analysis can become faster.

About Netshoes

Netshoes is a partner of the developers, with an open communication channel so that they can report doubts or difficulties in use and make suggestions for improvements. It also has a well-structured Developer Portal, with all the development, process, business and other very detailed and easy-to-understand explanations.

All its use follows standards and technologies already known by the market, thus also accelerating that new partners can integrate and consume this information, respecting processes and good development practices, simplified coding and swagger available for greater clarity. 

And it is due to all this, that this consumption of information is easy to read and if an error occurs, due to these patterns it is easy to understand and recognize the cause, including through HTTP Status and explanatory messages exposed via API.

See more about Netshoes, APIs and the operation of teams and marketplace that brought greater agility and gains, in the case recorded in partnership with Sensedia! Click here and watch.

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