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March 15, 2023

How a Kick-Off Meeting can influence day-to-day work dynamics

Mariane Santos
Product team leader
Product team leader na Sensedia
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The way a company connects with its employees says a lot about the people in front, how they want to interact and how they aim to achieve their goals.

When carrying out a search on the meaning of a “Kick-Off Meeting”, the answer will be “Initial meeting to present a project aimed at interested parties”. It precedes the execution stage and follows the planning phase”.

However, after participating in the Sensedia kick-off, I would change the meaning. My experience turned out to be different from the results of a quick internet search.

And that's what this article is going to talk about.

The importance of a Kick-Off Meeting

I was unaware of the significance of this agenda until I joined Sensedia's staff. The kick-off is one of several ways Sensedia promotes to share its achievements, strategies and objectives for a new cycle.

I'm not talking about that American football move, but a two-day meeting in which not only desired results are shown, but their “why” or how all together we can achieve them.

From the spectator's point of view, the experience of having such a complete kick-off is gratifying, it makes you feel part of the solution to reach those goals. The meeting is a construction of learning, effective in making us understand the motivations for which we are chasing that finish line, as well as what the company's failures and successes were and how we will achieve improvement.

The importance of good communication generates significant results.

Sharing results and new goals to be achieved generates a feeling of belonging and collaboration. In this way, all areas working together to achieve the goals is something much more effective for the health of a company.

Sensedia has been doing this job very well, whether through the kick-off with employees or the APIX which, despite a different format, is an excellent positioning of the company in the world.

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