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July 12, 2022

Energisa leads digital transformation in energy with the use of APIs

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Companies in the energy sector are increasingly understanding how APIs are essential not only to leverage technology, but mainly business. One of the players that has been taking advantage of this digital transformation like few others to grow and raise the level of customer experience is Energisa.

Romulo Maini told some of this story during the in-person journey of APIX 2022, the largest API event in the world, held by Sensedia in São Paulo, at the WTC, on June 30.

Founded in 1905, Energisa is the largest private group with national capital in the electricity sector and the 5th largest energy distribution group in the country. It accumulates 8 million customers in all regions of Brazil and has a structure of 15.000 employees.

In his lecture at APIX, the software engineering and DevOps coordinator said that the implementation of an architecture based on microservices leveraged the company's digital transformation and supported new business demands. 

One of the essential points in this process was the API Gateway and how it showed that its usefulness could be broader than initially imagined. “Initially, the gateway would be aimed at digital platforms, but when we realised the value it added even to legacy internal applications, we placed that gateway internally as well. We no longer have risks with latency problems, delay in delivering information, for example,” recalls Romulo.

Through the APIs, Energisa has been able to restructure its digital channels, reaching thousands of users on a monthly basis.

  • Energisa On app: 3 million contacts
  • Website: 1.9 million contacts
  • Gisa (chatbot): 850.000 contacts
  • Totem: 334.000 contacts

What illustrates Energisa's digital transformation even better is the jump, from January 2020 to June 2022, from 34% to 87% in the proportion of services provided through digital channels.  There are currently more than 100 million API requests every month and more than 70 APIs on their platform.

As well as the qualitative gains for the IT area from the adoption of APIs, such as complete visibility of each request, dashboards that facilitate decision-making and alerts in the event of abnormal behaviour of the APIs, Romulo highlighted the qualitative gains for the business area, including increased service availability, incident monitoring and rapid response to failures, and request mapping by channel identifying product version.

To conclude the presentation, the Energisa executive pointed out that the next step is the construction of an application roadmap, to start modernising internal applications. “We started to understand the business area. We involved business analysts, raised functional gaps in these applications and, based on that, structured this vision of a business case to convert applications.”

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