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September 12, 2019

Cielo LIO: An Open Innovation Platform to Revolutionize Business Management

Daniela Montanheiro
Specialist in Organizational Marketing from Unicamp, +7 years of increasing experience in developing, managing and evaluating communication projects and programs at national and international level.
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In recent times, Means of Payment solutions have started to be offered mostly digitally. But now, in addition to the concern of making the payment and securing this transaction, there are other connection possibilities, where companies allow other players to interact with this payment, opening opportunities to integrate with applications focused on Management, Loyalty, Billing Services, among others. With a partner integration model through APIs, it is possible for companies to integrate the entire value chain in their business, and this integration must be agile and uncomplicated, so that it is done in a matter of days rather than months. With this in mind, Cielo found through LIO (a POS machine) the possibility of having an Open Innovation Platform, allowing them to open their business with partners and applications that can be directly connected, making the daily life of retailers easier.

The main objective of this launch was to increase the services that can be offered to customers, expanding their market possibilities and positioning Cielo as a partner of these merchants, thus becoming a solution company with an ecosystem of partners in business management and not only of means of payment.

Changing the digital transformation focus

This strategy is based on customers at the core of the digital transformation, and to make it possible, Cielo noticed that using open APIs would be the best solution, which would make IOL a simple, easy-to-use platform that allows for greater scalability, with which merchants can see results that impact directly on their business. Moreover, the open platform allows developers registered on the portal to be part of the LIO ecosystem and other products, actively contributing to business expansion and continuous improvement.

By enabling this type of integration, Cielo continues to operate in its core payment services business, while adding value and enabling customized solutions to customer merchants through partners. Today, there are more than 200 integrated applications, as well as over 6,000 registered developers, consuming LIO APIs through Sensedia API Platform.

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