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January 30, 2015

Capillary action: how e-commerces thrive

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To make your business grow, it’s necessary to reach as many prospective new clients as possible, besides developing customer loyalty from previous clients.

For that, investing in creating capillarity has a fundamental function.

Amazing! But, what is capillary action all about?

Briefly, we can say that market capillarity is how comprehensive your business is in its own segment: how far it goes in reaching the customers. That means: the more people you can reach, the bigger your market capillarity is.

Therefore, we can assume that the concept of capillary action is essential in order to expanding the business and generating more sales. As the business is no longer limited to a determined region, it starts having a longer reach in terms of territory and customer segment – which includes, in some cases, working with exportation.

Besides the features of distribution and reaching new clients, another topic connected to capillary action is the service performed through several channels (i.e., you serve in person at your store, but you can also serve via telephone and online).

How to expand my business’ capillarity?

If you want to gain capillary action to your own e-commerce website, the best alternative is a platform that will help you gain traction in promoting SEO, Ads etc. There are many available, and surely one of them suits your budget!

The sweet thing about using a platform is that many of them come with a set of tools to ease your e-commerce management, such as integrations with ERPs, CRMs, and other software that will improve your management.


Another alternative is joining a marketplace, if you are keen in the art of e-commerce, already have a gorgeous and functional website, but still want to reach more people, sell more, earn some more bucks!

Marketplaces are like virtual malls, which retailers can join, integrate to them, and start selling their products inside that mall. Definitely, participating in marketplaces is an interesting way to enhance your capillary action.

For the retailers, it becomes very beneficial: the whole e-commerce operation is still yours; you have that good partnership with people from logistics, products’ list maintenance and everything else, but now, your products are listed at,,,,, and many others available around there.

But don’t be fooled by the idea that marketplaces are there only to serve general public; there are a whole bunch of marketplaces that sell specific kinds of products, to a very specific market.

Take a look at and at, which are very specific marketplaces, with a well-defined public.

Hey, it seems great! How can I integrate to a Marketplace?

Here is where our dear APIs get in, the ones we talk about exhaustively here at the Sensedia blog. It’s through them that the miracle of integration happens.

We can start with some management tools, such as Pipedrive (CRM) and Marketo or Hubspot(digital marketing tools), or if you are not familiarized with lots of coding, you can always go to Zapier and IFTTT, which support integration amongst services.

For  Marketplace integration, the most common way is through API, as and do. Check out the  API documentation in the links.

These companies apply these strategies because the time for start operating in new channels, with new partners, is reduced, besides incurring lesser costs. In other words, you can get services scalability, expanding your average ticket without raising the costs and risks in the same proportion.

More integrated retailers means larger audience, and everybody wins!

That is to say, Capillary Action and Scalability go together, as capillary action comes with more market and sells, and scalability helps to improve e-commerce results, as a whole.

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