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August 16, 2022

API Care: What is active monitoring and why it is important for your digital strategies

Eduardo Arantes
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When it comes to digital strategies, many factors are involved. The complexity of corporate IT, from legacy to the most modern technologies, is always an important factor for any CIO.

Several tools are available to help you on your journey, and many of them are perfectly capable of meeting the basic needs of your digital strategies. In many cases, however, we can take it a step further and anticipate problems and avoid losses during troubleshooting.

Taking a good look at the gaps in your architecture, particularly the performance of your APIs, can save you a lot of money, or at least avoid major losses in the event of failure. Therefore, it is advisable to carry out proactive monitoring of the health of APIs in your operation.

What does it mean to monitor APIs? Don’t Gateway and Analytics do that?

The answer to that question is: yes and no. Of course, a gateway is crucial for controlling and securing the traffic of its APIs, but on the other hand, it cannot, on its own, read which APIs and channels are essential for its strategies.

In this case, we can think of API management as a big clock, with several parts that complement each other and need to be together to ensure greater accuracy. API Care is the watchmaker, who will make all necessary adjustments so that your watch does not stop and always marks the exact time.

In the context of API Care, Analytics plays a key role as it ensures that analyses can be carried out.

Thus, it establishes a routine on the operation of its APIs, which is easily extracted in the form of dashboards, allowing of predictive analysis of their behaviors.

What is API Care?

Sensedia’s service consists of the proactive monitoring of the operation of its APIs with 24/7 availability and aims to ensure the consistency of their operation by mapping channels, partners and APIs with greater strategic importance.

This monitoring is followed according to a pre-established service and activities plan, developed in conjunction with the client, so that the accuracy of the services ensured in a manner that adheres to the business.

In this first stage, all focal points, thresholds, business alerts, KPIs and points of failure are established, making up the pillars to measure the success of the business strategy. In addition to this mapping, troubleshooting, on-the-fly adjustments, and crisis management in the API Platform are included in the service, further ensuring the stability of the APIs’ operation, and minimizing total unavailability.

In addition to the operational part, the service also includes the provision of reports and executive reports periodically, which provide an in-depth view of the ecosystem, GAPs and impacts occurred during the period. This analysis is essential for decision making or adjustments that can be made regarding your IT.

Why the API Care service can help your IT teams

The format of many IT teams often prevents specialists from monitoring APIs operating within teams, therefore becoming no longer a priority, and ending up being a problem.

Also, imagine how many hours must be spent in solving problems that could have been predicted and even adjusted as a precautionary measure.

It is within this context that Sensedia API Care can collaborate with the better operation of your IT teams, as we take care of this monitoring and put in place all necessary adjustments for the health of your APIs, without burdening your internal teams, leaving them free to focus on business issues.

Another key point is the information that our specialists can deliver to your business. Having a careful eye from API experts can generate rich insights that could be overlooked by others.

This generates strong inputs for decision making, particularly in matters that are more critical in relation to the operation of your APIs.

Would you like to know more about our API Care service? Get in touch with our experts to have a better understanding of the context.

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