TK Elevator enhances customer experience with Sensedia technology

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TK Elevator is one of the global innovation and market leaders in the elevator industry, with customers in more than 100 countries.

Customer Challenge

We needed to evolve our integration capability and response time to improve communication with our field team, focused on the best customer experience.

Experience Gains

TK Elevator continues on its evolutionary path, preparing for the future in the present. The company's MAX solution, which is based on the concept of predictive maintenance and is linked to the application of IoT, big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning, is an example of this evolution.

Strategy Gains

The high gains in agility and efficiency with the evolution of the mobility tool, supported by APIs, allowed the digitalization of elevator maintenance, which made the company a reference in the market.

"The level of trust we have in Sensedia is so great that in this journey of developing the new website for clients, one of our requirements is that all integration has to go through Sensedia".

Fernando Nascimento
TK Elevator's IT Development coordinator for Latin America
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