How does Pottencial increase its competitiveness with Sensedia technology?



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Pottencial is the largest insurtech in Brazil, standing out for its innovative and technological solutions that make insurance contracting more agile and less bureaucratic.

Our client’s challenge

Pottencial began to face challenges in dealing with legacy systems and isolated solutions for each offering, which resulted in high integration costs, lack of standardization and complexity in maintaining integration governance.

Sensedia’s role

“Sensedia was recognized for its vast experience and expertise in API and integration solutions, being a reference in the sector. It not only provides technology, but also acts as a strategic partner, committed to the success and growth of Pottencial” comments Daniel Amorim, IT Director at Pottencial Seguradora.

Experience gains

The standardization of APIs and the orchestrator for all integrations allowed greater reuse of resources, reduced friction and provided greater operational scale.

Strategic gains

With the modernization of its legacies and the standardization of its architecture to integrate with its partners more agilely, Pottencial managed to optimize policy issuance times by 52%. In addition, the volume of unnecessary calls decreased by 97%, allowing the team to focus on more strategic tasks with greater added value.

By utilizing the capabilities of AWS services, including Amazon EKS for managing containers, Amazon S3 for secure data storage, and Amazon RDS for efficient database management, our solution achieves exceptional performance and reliability.

Looking ahead, our commitment to innovation is closely aligned with AWS. We are dedicated to pushing the boundaries of what's achievable as we explore the capabilities of services like EKS, S3, and RDS. Sensedia's drive to innovate fuels technological advancement in our clients and helps sets new industry standards.

Our solution embodies the core principles of cloud-native architecture and operates seamlessly as a SaaS platform on AWS. Amazon EKS ensures smooth deployment, scalability, and container management, providing an unmatched user experience. The robustness of Amazon S3 guarantees data security and accessibility, while Amazon RDS optimizes database operations for maximum efficiency.

Through our partnership with AWS, we don't just lead in API management; we pioneer the full potential of EKS, S3, and RDS to deliver sustainable success and exponential growth to our clients.

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