Rodobens creates strategic API platform and empowers business ecosystem

Far beyond technology, Sensedia's architecture of services and data takes the Group to another level of performance in the digital world.

The challenge

According to Daniela Zanfolin, IT general manager at Rodobens, 10 years ago the team already understood that the bottleneck in the strategy was the multiple systems and multi-platforms - either transactional or information - and the legacy systems. They had to develop a service platform and a technology base that would speed up the composition of solutions.

Rodobens, one of the largest independent consortium administrators and one of the largest trade-in vehicle dealership groups in Brazil, had been on a business evolution journey since 2010 to develop new channels, with a customer-centric approach.

"Who was the consortium customer, who goes through the retailer, who does business with the bank? We had to understand the different touch points with them, and then we evolved with platforms for B2B and B2C, as well as our analytics strategy."

This first stage of the business transformation journey went on until 2018, when the group increased efforts on the multi-channel strategy, to understand and interact with the customer at all touchpoints in a more orchestrated way.

"We sought a partner to help us build a strategic platform of APIs. Sensedia was our choice not only for its high technical capacity but also in architecture for services," says the IT executive, adding that the partner supports APIs services and microservices architecture.


"In 2019, we studied improvement processes, integrations and future possibilities for digitalisation of Rodobens. They had processes, mainly for consortium sales, supported also on legacy systems and we had the opportunity to improve this process,".

says Adilson Cavati, Business Director at Sensedia.

Given the pandemic, the digitalisation of the business gained even greater relevance. "Accelerating new business was imperative and we worked together with Rodobens' team to achieve these goals. Every integration challenge was completed via Sensedia, which involved legacy systems and business ecosystem partners. Our greatest contribution was to accelerate the journeys of Rodobens' internal customers".

Evolution of the business ecosystem with an eye to the future.

The implementation of the business ecosystem evolution and empowerment project started in 2019, enhancing databases, integration and especially asset creation. Additionally the challenge imposed by the pandemic in 2020 accelerated the whole process.

Rodobens has been developing APIs for a long time. But they needed to build an API platform that would guarantee an implementation allowing them to monetise assets and differentiators to generate value to the business. "That was the key. We found in this partnership the best match, because it brings a robust technology platform, ready for development, well evaluated in the market."

"But this transformation has been very fast. We have seen assets being leveraged, in fact, because our digital channels have grown and multichannel demand has accelerated a lot," reports Daniela. "Since the end of 2020, we have also experienced an important positive transformation with strong demand for large partnerships, especially in B2B.


Today, Rodobens has over 2,500 consortium sales points in Brazil, which has generated a business ecosystem supported by a B2B or B2C model, in a strategic and innovative format, according to Daniela.

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Rodobens creates strategic API platform and empowers business ecosystem

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