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What is Open Insurance?

Open Insurance is a set of rules designed to enhance the customer experience in a decentralized and more competitive market. All of that is based on making the customer the owner of your data, being responsible for deciding what and when can be shared.

Open Insurance Stages

Phase  I

(Start on Dec..2021 / Final: Jun.2022 )

All major insurance companies must share their databases with others through APIs.

Phase II

(Start on Sep.2022 / Final: Jun.2023 )

Starts the interchange of data between the companies. Basically, the customer takes the control to define which company can access his data to compose better offers.

Phase III

(Start on Dec.2022 / Final: Jun.2023 )

The companies can reach the clients to offer better products, fitting their profile and focusing on customer experience.

* * The deadline for finalising phases II and III was set for June 15, 2023, which is compatible with the time limit of the System of Registration of Operations (SRO), considering the synergy between the two projects.

APIs for Open Insurance regulation

All APIs must have a great developer experience to accelerate its consumption, offering support for several patterns, guarantee security policies and tracking the informations.

Requirements, definitions and recommendations may vary between countries. For example, the Manual of Open Insurance APIs in Brazil is already available on Susep website.

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How Sensedia can help you

For Open Insurance, Sensedia’s solutions will meet all regulation requirements, helping companies to be compliant providing a solid foundation to quickly go further in this new model.

Compared to other markets such as Open Banking, Sensedia is the only company providing a 100% compliant solution in Brazil, reinforcing the expertise in APIs and modern strategies.

Secure for your business the API adoption roadmap

Identify your company's maturity level in APIs and learn in detail the recommended practices to overcome the barriers to the evolution of your architecture.

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