Unimed Vale dos Sinos Hospital conquest an integration challenge with Sensedia's API technology


One of the challenges of the technological evolution of Unimed Vale dos Sinos is the Hospital app, which helps the patient in the whole experience of the emergency service, from the pre-check-in, followed by the calls for service and payment of the bill directly through the app. By integrating with virtual assistant Laura, the app has further improved the service, with appropriate guidance.

Additionally, the integration of WhatsApp with the chatbot was necessary to get faster and more assertive answers in the communication with customers. Among other conveniences, request for duplicate slips, authorization and medical guides, all through communication via chat.

Unimed Vale dos Sinos is a hospital based in the south of Brazil, part of Unimed, a Brazilian medical work cooperative and health insurance operator. It is considered the largest of its kind in the world, with more than 105,000 affiliated physicians, 386 branches and more than 15 million beneficiaries.


Sensedia Events Hub enabled the proper direction of the patient in the emergency room, being guided through messages to where they should go. Besides helping to enable an Event Driven Architecture (EDA), which allows reacting to Business Moments in real time and with asynchronous communication, eliminating the complexity of applications that provide the service, allowing developers to focus on the code that generates business innovation.

The API Gateway, on the other hand, standardised security in the service interfaces, guaranteeing at the same time a more modern application with the necessary security means. This reduces the risk of external attacks and enables a quick response.


These results counted with the essential participation of APIs, which today are part of companies' strategies of all sizes and sectors, even if they are in a minimum status of digital maturity. This is because they represent the passport to modernise processes, promote productivity, create innovative products and thus increase the competitiveness of companies in the market.

The APIs were fundamental to promote the integration of systems and communication platforms of the Hospital and the health operator. Providing the IT team of Unimed Vale do Sinos the facility to expand the capacity of accessible information, which made the service simple, agile, digital, giving a leap in customer experience (UX).

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