App-Based Insurance Transforms Brazilian Healthcare Market

The insurance industry is undergoing a major transformation; consumers are increasingly demanding a fast, seamless experience and the growth of insurtechs is pushing established industry operators to improve their strategy, digitise processes and exceed customer expectations.

Crucial to this is the use of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs); tools that allow products, services and systems to easily integrate with a network of partners, sharing data securely and efficiently across different applications.

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SulAmérica Seguros is the largest non-bank owned insurer in Brazil, with a wide coverage of more than 30,000 independent brokers. Founded in 1895, it operates in several insurance lines, such as health and dental, automobile and other primary sectors, life, in addition to other segments, such as private pension, investments and capitalization. 


In 2018, SulAmérica Seguros launched a telemedicine service (although regulations prevented video consultations) and in 2019, a new regional health plan, SulAmérica Direto, enabling brokers to sell low-cost corporate plans in low-consumption areas.

In March 2019, almost a fifth of the population - around 47 million people - had private health plans, and around 70% of these were through corporate health insurance.

The adoption and use of digital health tools for clients, doctors and therapists is crucial, as Covid-19 was beginning to take on major proportions.

The big challenge was to create an app that allows policyholders to book virtual appointments with GPs, specialists and therapists (including psychologists and nutritionists), request tests and access/order prescriptions via devices, in a secure and detached environment.


APIs unlock the true potential of the value chain, sharing business intelligence with new channels and interfaces. While insurers, during their digital journeys connect with brokers, banks and regulators, we take this further and increase our exposure by connecting with startups, healthtechs and fintechs.

APIs are not just for innovation, they support business sustainability by enabling companies to create partner ecosystems with, for example, insurtechs. Once an ecosystem is in place, it is easy to tailor products and services to specific customer profiles.


Technology companies entering the insurance industry should be seen as a benefit as well as a challenge, as there is much the industry can learn from them.

By using APIs, SulAmérica Seguros has taken its health and wellness insurance offering to a new level, and this is before the company has reached its full technological potential.

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App-Based Insurance Transforms Brazilian Healthcare Market

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