The impact of APIs on the insurance sector

APIs are the building blocks for future business growth and can greatly impact the areas of most concern for insurance sector CIOs - omnichannel and new business development, the customer experience, acquisition and operational efficiency

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How APIs can transform Insurance as a Service Business

Operational efficiency

• Integrate internal and third-party sytems

• Improve the security of your data assets

• Develop a whole new architectural approach based in Event-driven, Microservices and mesh apps

• Guarantee efficiency and resilience of your architecture

• Faster development of new applications based on reuse techniques

Digital channels and customer experience

• Faster development of new digital channels

• Greater use of Chatbots and Customer Service automation

• Combine multiple experiences and Artificial Intelligence

• Unify digital channels and self-service customers’ journeys

• Integrate online and offline journeys

Integrate with insurtechs, partner ecosystems and B2B clients

• Reduce integration time of B2B customers

• Self-service integration with Insurtech and broker

• Ecosystem Management: access control and tracking

• Compound and develop new digital products

• API as a Product: new monetisation models

• Explore new business models, such as platformisation

• Building blocks for Open Insurance

IoT & Wearables

• Integrate with wearables and devices

• Adopt New technologies such as Artificial Intelligence

• Real-time actions

• Preventive analysis

Insurance as a Service

We help you to design an API Strategy and set up the technology, security and governance around it to provide data to partners, communities, and Startups in order to build innovative/disruptive services applications and business models.

Clients' stories

SulAmérica is one of Brazil's leading insurance companies and the first with an API strategy to support its innovative digital business model. Find out more from former Digital Strategy Head, Cristiano Barbieri, and Head of Innovation and Digital Channels, Alexandre Putini.

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