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API Care

Enterprise IT teams often lack resources to monitor the APIs and Microservices ecosystem, which can be critical to business results. Our API Care team focuses on your APIs, monitoring your operational processes 24/7, using best practice techniques to boost their performance.

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API Care - Performance


Proactive monitoring and support ensures your business can easily evolve in line with business growth

API Care -  Goal


Our top priority is to monitor and improve your API and Microservices' operation

API Care - Support


Our multidisciplinary API Care team experts work remotely, supporting your business 24/7

Proactive 24/7 monitoring

Our specialist team monitors APIs 24/7 with the objective to ensure a consistent operation, mapping channels, APIs and partners. They also produce monthly reports, giving an overview of your ecosystem, its gaps and transactions.

The team works to a strategic brief, ensuring goals for KPIs, focal points and tasks, plus early-warning indicators, are in place.

Equally important is troubleshooting, on-the-fly adjustments and crisis management; key areas that guarantee  functional and non-functional SLAs are met.

API Care - Business benefits

Business benefits

• Reduce risk

• Faster problem solving

• Greater insights

• Reduce time-to-market

• Real-time operational updates

Api Care - Technical benefits

Technical benefits

• Monitoring

• Consistency

• Continuous evolution

• Use of best practice techniques

• Free up time and resources

API Care ensures the smooth-running
of your operation and more

API Care benefits

• Contextual reports with API analytics support to business decision-making

• Business analysis support

• Align API settings to business dynamics, solving operational and • systemic problems

• Risk mitigation

• Share the cost of 24/7 specialist team

• Single point of contact giving operational overviews

• An API-specific resource leaves time to focus on other priorities

• API and Microservices' tools and expertise

Common API and Microservices issues

• Slow to identify and categorise problems by region, error-type and user-profile etc

• Lack of troubleshooting support

• No on-the-fly adjustments (IP filtering to prevent misuse, rate limiting etc)

• Slow identification of potential API problems

• Support limited to business hours

• Separate crisis management function

• Multiple system user IDs

• Less focus on construction and design, and more on operation

• Operations team unlikely to have Stack technology expertise

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