Sensedia Specialised services

Specialised services

Our specialised team works with your teams - from API design to operation - to ensure your platform performs well and in line with your business strategy. No wonder we're recognised by Forrester as 'a leading' API strategy/delivery service provider.

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How our team delivers your API strategy

 API strategy


APIs are not just about integrating processes, they should be the main driver of your company's business strategy, aligned to key goals, giving  a complete digital overview. It's vital you understand the impact.

• API & Microservices' maturity assessment

• Create an opportunity roadmap

• API strategy setup

• Set patterns and architectural workflows to build APIs  

• Executive workshops

• Create personas

• Training & certification

• Increase teams' skills

API Ignition


Position your APIs as MVPs within your architectural hierarchy. Carry out fast testing, with measurable results and feedback, and continually improve them.

• Architecture overview

• API quick testing

• API jumpstart support

• API Design & Security Models Cookbook

API operation scalability


The API operation scalability is crucial for any business. Our team is here to help keep things running.

• Discover more API opportunities

• Microservices‍

• Rely on powerful and robust architecture  

• Design & build RESTful APIs or GraphQL

Design and create new APIs


Design and create new APIs from scratch or by integrating with legacy applications. By doing so, you'll develop an API culture across your business, sharing knowledge and improving strategies.

• Advanced support 24/7

• Intense and proactive help

• Developer Experience

Client's stories

Client stories Algar

Algar Telecom is one of Brazil's major Telco company, and have used their API Strategy to reduce costs drastically and providing a seamless experience to acquiring products and services.

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Other Specialised services

Developer Experience

Developer Experience

Our clear onboarding process, with up-to-date documentation, effective support and engagement

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Customer Success

Customer Success

Sensedia is the only API specialist
to support clients with a Customer Success team to manage the onboarding process

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Sensedia API Care

API Care

Our API Care team focuses on your APIs, monitoring your operational processes 24/7, using best practice techniques to boost their performance.

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The business strategies we are specialised

Sensedia - Open Banking

Open Banking

Expand your banking business models; use APIs to connect with fintechs and start-ups and improve customers' digital experiences.

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Omnichannel & Digital Experiences

Omnichannel & Digital Experiences

By integrating online and offline channels, including mobile apps, wearables, IoT and smart devices,  you'll improve your customers' purchasing journeys

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Sensedia Marketplaces Services


Develop and integrate your business channels. Connect them to mobile apps, wearables, IoT and smart devices, improve customers' experiences and reduce time-to-value.

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Partner Integration & Ecosystem

Partner Integration & Ecosystem

Use APIs to simplify developers onboarding and boost your partner ecosystem, reducing integration cycles from months to weeks

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Sensedia Open Innovation

Open Innovation

Share your services with third-party developers or start-ups, build new solutions and innovate your business

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