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June 10, 2020

Why Is Having a Developer Portal Important to Business?

Luciana Bandeira
Developer Experience
I help developers with onboarding and API best practices to ensure the best Developer Experience. In my spare time I dedicate myself to books, researching (and tasting) desserts and I'm passionate about travelling.
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Are you aware of the importance of having a Developer Portal available to your devs who consume the APIs?In this post, we will show you this Portal’s benefits and how it can assist your business in disseminating, making available, and centralizing information in a single channel.

What is a Developer Portal?

It is a portal focusing on the client’s developers, containing files, documents and specifications for use of the APIs, along with possible rules, SDKs, and other information necessary for development.

Why have a Developer Portal?

An exclusive tool with the aim of sharing and disseminating the necessary documentation for the use of APIs, with an exclusive and qualified channel for API creation and management.At Sensedia, we design amazing portals, which are always customizer and able to meet your expectations!Internally, we segregate information and formatting into two parts:

  • Functional documentation

Basic flows, API Guide, and Status Code. It is developed by consultants who are working at the client or whoever has developed the API.

  • Technical documentation

By uploading the API, the module automatically reads the JSON file and dynamically assembles resources, sample calls, etc. (data that appear on the API browser page).

What can you have in the Developer Portal?

Through the Portal, it is possible to provide information, with Portal defaults customized by Sensedia, as well as the creation of more pages that add value to the APIs and ensure better assistance to developers.

Browser API

API swagger release page.

APP Creation

Direct integration with Sensedia Platform, in which it is possible, through the Developer Portal, to create the access keys to use the APIs, according to the client’s own rules determining which environments they will be able to access.

Account creation system

By registering on the Portal, the developer will automatically be registered on the database with the Sensedia Platform. That is, on a single database, it is possible to identify registrations and perform the communication integrations.


Visualization of calls made by the APP created on the account that is logged on the Portal, being displayed for both environments.

Access granting and restriction

The different types of content can be made available only for certain user roles, determining which people can access certain pages/documentation.

Blog and Forum

Pages for dissemination of information and forums for development discussions.

File browser

Here, clients can provide users with different types of files, such as images, without the need to have an external system for storing these images and files. That is, they are able to store an image directly through the Portal, generate a link to this image and make it available in a text in the information.

Ticket tool

Users can open tickets through the Dev Portal for questions and doubts. It is also possible to disable it and, at the client’s discretion, use an external tool (such as Zendesk).

Drupal CMS

A system used to provide content such as basic pages and content blocks.Examples of pages that can be created:

  • SDKs available for download;
  • Page with first steps on how to perform the integration;
  • Page containing the terms of use;
  • Pages containing API flowcharts;
  • FAQ for frequently asked questions and answers that are easy to understand.

Multilingual system

With Sensedia’s expansion, it has become necessary to create and make available content available in different languages, with the possibility of segregating/viewing this content on a side menu on the Portal for easy editing, which is important in cases of international customers.

In conclusion

With all this information and the inputs demonstrated above, does your company have this vision of benefits from the Developer Portal and is it prepared to make the information available to the developers? Would you like to know more about how Sensedia helps to improve developer experience to facilitate the consumption of APIs? Contact us.

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