Sensedia Presents APIX 2024, the Best Global In-Person and Virtual API Event

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March 6, 2024
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Experts Converge to Discuss Advancements of Open Finance, AI and the Future of APIs

APIX 2024, the best global API business event, is now open for registration. Hosted by Sensedia, the global leader in delivering API, integration and microservice solutions, APIX 2024 is a hybrid live and online event in its 9th year, offering a free online component for those unable to attend in person at the World Trade Center in São Paulo, Brazil, on May 23.

API Experience (APIX) brings together executives from across the world and provides an immersive experience with leaders and world-renowned experts in the API industry, sharing in-depth and technical presentations designed to support attendees in identifying integration challenges and exploring new opportunities through APIs and Microservices. Attendees can explore the latest waves of innovation, engage in conversations about market trends or inspiring success stories, and participate in meetings that set the stage for exciting new business ventures.

“In 2023, APIX brought together more than 1,000 in-person participants and 4,000 online attendees, 50% of which were C-levels and technology leaders. This year, our main objective is to promote enriching meetings and discussions on the main themes that will drive future business, such as OPEN strategies, APIs and, of course, Artificial Intelligence,” said Kleber Bacili, Sensedia’s CEO.

Event structure

This year, APIX 2024 will be divided into four stages, each with a unique focus.

  • Future Stage features trends and upcoming waves of innovation in the global market that offer attendees an easy way to stay informed on the top tech and business developments transforming companies and society.
  • Powerful Stories Stage shares stories from leading companies that inspire by delving into cases from major companies to guide attendees’ integration journeys.
  • Under the Stars Stage presents engaging panel discussions with leaders innovating in their industries, experiences and viewpoints to drive high-impact initiatives.
  • Campfire Stage offers technical presentations in an intimate and dynamic format that provide insights into what lies ahead through market-leading solutions and core technical trends in the world of integrations, APIs, and microservices.

In addition, the event will also feature the Fantastic World of APIs space, where visitors will be able to learn more about Sensedia's solutions through product demos, conversations with experts, and the “APIX Experience Talks” podcast studio. The podcast will broadcast live on Sensedia's official YouTube channel and feature valuable insights and conversations about innovation, technology and business.

In-person attendees can also attend three masterclasses sharing highly technical and in-depth content:

  • Modern Integration Architectures
  • AI in the Context of APIs
  • Platform Engineering


APIX 2024’s theme, The impossible was yesterday. There is no future without APIs, drives the event’s presentation topics, including the advancement of Open Finance across different countries in Latin America, the impacts of Artificial Intelligence, and the future of APIs.

Confirmed speakers include:

Kleber Bacili - CEO, Sensedia
Marcilio Oliveira - CGO, Sensedia
Paolo Malinverno - Head of Strategy and Innovation, Sensedia and 23-year Gartner analyst presiding over conferences and writing Magic Quadrants, Hype Cycles and more
Eduardo Goni- CEO, Rendimento/pay
Josmar Peixe- Solutions Architecture Manager, Banco Rendimento
Jonathan Garzon - Head of Digital Business, Cecoban
Mateus Casanova - Head of Open Finance and Drex, Unicred
Samuel Freire - Head of Open Finance, Ailos
Marcello Borges - CIO, Queiroz Galvão Group
Cláudia Marquesani - CIO, Petz
Fernando Diniz - CTO, Petz

APIX 2024’s full schedule and speaker lineup, as well as more information and registration, are available at

During the in-person event, some lectures will be broadcast free online with simultaneous translation. Attendees may register for the online offerings here:

About APIX

Sensedia, a Brazilian multinational leader in business integrations, introduced API Experience (APIX) in Brazil in 2015. APIX is one of the first global events focused on API-centered integration of technology, innovation, and business. Every year, APIX gains more followers. 2023 saw a remarkable turnout, with over 5,000 participants from around the world. APIX merges technical and business insights and offers memorable and immersive experiences, fostering new connections among technology and business professionals. It remains a prime opportunity for prominent industry leaders to gain deeper insights into modern digital strategies and to champion digital, interconnected, and open business initiatives through APIs. Learn more and register,

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