Sensedia Champions International Women's Day with Gender Equality in the Workplace

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March 8, 2023
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MIAMI--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Sensedia, a global leader in delivering API and microservice solutions, today endorsed support for International Women's Day and gender equality and empowerment in the workplace. International Women's Day celebrates women's achievement, raises awareness about discrimination and encourages action to drive gender parity.

“I was drawn to Sensedia because the company values inclusion and diverse organizational culture. And you know what is better? Discovering that all this is applied daily at Sensedia, everyone can be themselves, without prejudice or barriers.”

Men disproportionately hold technology careers. According to a 2021 Catho survey, only 19% of technology positions are held by women in Brazil, where Sensedia is headquartered. In the United States, women comprise 47% of the workforce yet hold only about 24% of technology roles.

Women also hold fewer leadership roles than men. Sensedia has been striving to change this scenario. Last year, the company signed a letter of commitment to UN Women and pledged to increase women on its staff, create a gender equity leadership development program, invest in education and training to include more women in the technology sector, and identify and develop more women as spokespeople. The company also commits to measuring the evolution of gender, race and promotion of diversity across the company.

"Our goal was to increase female employees to at least 25% of Sensedia's workforce. We also committed to promoting women to hold 30% of leadership positions," says Daniela Domingues, People & Culture director at Sensedia.

Daniela explains Sensedia created a culture of belonging to achieve this goal and welcome diversity. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, Sensedia was searching for solutions. The pandemic accelerated an internal movement called "Work Where You Belong," designed to bring more inclusion to a global workforce, regardless of where employees were located. The company strives to offer equitable work experience to all employees. Sensedia implemented the PertenSer (Belonging) program, a group of people who want to teach and learn about inclusion and diversity. Today, the PertenSer group works in teams - gender equity, ethnic-racial affinity, people with disabilities, LGBTQIA+, and the We Care and Well Being groups related to employee welfare. "It's exciting to see our team leading and enhancing our culture worldwide," says Daniela.

Sensedia now employs 218 women, an increase of 225% since 2021, including rising star Karol Creolesi, Team Leader of Sales Operations. Creolesi started as an intern and now holds a leadership position. "The situation was not easy at the beginning of my career transition. I was persistent and trained to earn certificates. I saw the opportunity to enter as an intern, to learn more about the world of technology," she explains.

Creolesi's efforts helped her stand out, and after two years, she began leadership training with the support of her manager. "At Sensedia, I participate in Sales Ops, an all-female team. We learn to be comfortable giving our opinions without fear of judgment and find support to overcome the challenges of everyday life," says Creolesi.

Creolesi adds, "I was drawn to Sensedia because the company values inclusion and diverse organizational culture. And you know what is better? Discovering that all this is applied daily at Sensedia, everyone can be themselves, without prejudice or barriers."

Daniela Domingues had a similar experience. "When I arrived at Sensedia, I was welcomed as the first woman executive in a predominantly male universe. I'm proud to see that as the company grows, it continues to make a place for women executives," she says.

The newest member of the executive team, Lisa Arthur, Sensedia's CMO shares, "I started my marketing career at an ad agency in the mid-1980s when men held almost every leadership and management role, so I've seen monumental changes. Sensedia's focus on equity and diversity is one of the reasons I decided to join the team. Sensedia is a recognized leader in API strategy and solutions and takes pride in delighting customers with the value and simplicity of digital integrations. Delighting customers requires a dedicated and engaged team. The organization's commitment to internal customer service and developing diverse leaders shines through in its success. I'm excited to see what the future holds for the organization, employees and customers."

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